Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Blog Featuring Catherine Mann

“Breaking Bad: What Makes a Villain?” by Catherine Mann

Giveaway alert!! Catherine is a giving away a copy of HOT ZONE to one lucky commenter.

Giveaway ends 10pm EST Dec. 11th. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com) If you do not wish to supply your email, or have trouble posting, use the email under the CONTACT page to enter.

Congratulations to "Winnie" the winner of Catherine's HOT ZONE. Thank you to all who participated.


  1. I just loved Hot Zone!!! What an amazing roller coaster ride. I will admit to having quite a bit of nausea during the opening sequence with Amelia trapped...I'm very claustrophobic and even reading about it makes me squirm!!! (I suppose the flip side is you did an amazing job making it come alive for me to almost make me physically ill while reading it!!) :-)

  2. A good villain has to be believable and I agree that he is strongly driven by things which are different from the hero. Congratulations on your latest release.


  3. Love this series. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. i would love to win Hot Zone, I always enjoy your books.

  5. Oh just from what I read this looks like something I might really enjoy!

  6. First, I loved HOT ZONE! So I won't be entering the drawing. I have been looking for Cover Me around town but haven't found it yet, think I will have to order it through Amazon. :-)
    As for your questions...
    I can not think of a character or characters that make me sympathetic to them even in the midst, or even especially in the midst of their evil deeds.
    At first I was thinking the "Mayor" off of Once Upon a Time, but I find I'm not sympathetic to her all.
    That being said, I was sympathectic towards "The Guardians" motives. I just didn't like him/her much as a person. LOL
    as for your other question...
    Since I have read the book, I know if "the Guardian" is male or female. However my first impression on the sex of that character was wrong. :-)
    I did figure it out before you told us in the book though. Not much before...but before.
    I would also like to say I am so glad you wrote/write about the PJ's! I think they are a great group of the armed forces here in the USA that are overlooked or unknown by many.
    I will be checking out your other books, and can't wait to jump into them. :-)

  7. I always wondered whether villains know or think they are doing evil deeds.

    winnie968 -at- yahoo -dot- com

  8. Hey there, Kris! Sooooooooo happy to know you enjoyed HOT ZONE (sorry about how that opening made you uncomfortable!! Yipes!) Thanks for checking out the blog - and for the very nice compliment!!

  9. Hi there, Na!! I agree it's intereesting to figure out what drives the villains too... obviously flawed motivations...Thanks for checking out the blog!

  10. XXOO! Thanks bunches, Trish, Tammy & Remy!!!

  11. Hey there, Dorothy! Thank you SO much for reading HOT ZONE - am happy to know it has you hunting for COVER ME. :) (Happy words to an author!!)

    I find it interesting to explore the villain character and make them multi-dimensional too (even though we know they HAVE to pay for what they've done!!) In thinking about questionable characters... the TV series Dexter comes to mind. And the TV series Breaking Bad (which inspired my title for this blog!)

    Annnnyhow, I'll be interested to hear what you think of the villain's motivation in COVER ME. ;)

  12. Winnie, that's a great question. I wonder if they know and justify? Or think the "rules" aren't fair so it doesn't matter? They've got some twisted thinking going on, no question!! The TV show Criminal Minds freaks me out so much, I can't watch it late at night anymore!

  13. Congrats on the new release, Catherine. One of my favorite villains is Magneto from the X-Men comics and movies. He was a Holocaust survivor and in his eyes all the things he does to protect his kind.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  14. Hi Jane - X-Men characters (good and bad) are so complex. That really would be an interesting character study.... hmmmm.... you have me thinking!

  15. Whoa...I'd like to read Hot Zone. The Story sounds amazing. I hope I win a copy^^

    A good villain?'s kinda hard for me to describe...Sometimes a villain had a twisted thinking and they thought that they did the right thing even it was wrong. My favorite is Adrian Veidt from Watch Men.

    I shared this giveaway on twitter!/JungieFairy/status/145427031855857664

    Thank u for this giveaway^^

  16. I love seeing the villain's point if view in your excerpt. Trying to understand the bad guy is why I love reading suspense. Kaiser Soze from The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite baddies. He's set up as this mythological figure throughout the movie. When his identity was revealed it blew me away.

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  17. There are some villains that you are compassionate to because you wonder why they turned to the dark side instead of being good. I think one of those characters is "The Evil Queen" on Once Upon a Time. You wonder why she was so bad when she lives in a place of happy endings. Thanks for the giveaway.


  18. Forgot my email on my first post -

    yenastone at aol dot com

  19. Amel, thank you so much for sharing the contest on Twitter! I really appreciate it!!

    Thanks, Stacie! I was hoping folks wouldn't mind a different sort of excerpt. Happy to know it was a fun change of pace to hear from the villain/villainess. ;)

    Jennifer - I adore the show Once Upon a Time!! And with the hero/heroine characters, it's interesting too seeing how they're motivated to make bad choices/deals with the bad guy. Interesting seeing what makes a good person "break bad."

    Tammy - Thanks!!

    And thank you Maureen of JRS for having me here to visit! I appreciate your letting me hang out. It's been a blast! And thank you for handling choosing the winner. I always want everyone to win. :)

    Happy reading and happy holidays to all!!


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