Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest Blog Featuring Toni Anderson

EDGE OF SURVIVAL from Toni Anderson

GIVEAWAY alert!! Toni will be giving away a digital copy of her last Romantic Suspense novel, SEA OF SUSPICION to one lucky person leaving a comment.

Giveaway ends 10pm EST Nov. 21st. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com)

Congratulations to "Mary", the winner of Toni Anderson's giveaway. You will be contacted via email. Thank you to all who commented. 


  1. I haven't read Toni Anderson. I am glad to have found a new author.

  2. Hi Toni!

    I love the titles of both these books! (Edge of Survival and Sea of Suspicion.) They sound great. Here's to tons of sales!

  3. I would love to win a copy. I haven't read Anything by ms. Anderson.

  4. Enjoyed the excerpt on Toni Anderson's website.
    While I have not read any of her books, the covers and excerpts on the site caught my attention. I look forward to reading her books.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  5. Thanks Cathy--I hope you like them :)

  6. Mary, thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I really hope you enjoy my stories.

  7. Hi Toni. Congratulations on your release. I enjoy romantic suspense stories because they are so engaging and will keep yours in mind.


  8. Hi Toni
    Congratulations on your book, it looks and sounds fantastic.
    I love a heroine with diabetes - a close family member who'd had diabetes since the age of 17 passed away recently(over 40yrs later) from complications from this disease, so I'm interested to see how your heroine copes in the wilds with this.
    My favourite survivor story would have to be the miners of Beaconsfield, TAS - and the fact that it's a true story has me tearing up each time I see footage of those two men emerging from the depths of the earth after two weeks in darkness.

  9. Writershannon, I hope you approve of my heroine. I'm sorry about your friend.
    Those mine stories are incredible. So tragic most of the time and so incredible when they are rescued. I tear up too.

  10. I've recently began to read suspense. Loving it!


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