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In Safe Hands

Former helicopter pilot Maverick Delgardo’s injuries ended his Air Force career, leaving him bitter and one drink away from becoming an alcoholic. When his sister asks for his help on a private protection case to babysit a disgraced pop star, Mav reluctantly agrees.

Deacon Daniels, onetime lead singer and idol to his teenage fans, saw his career and reputation ruined when a reporter’s exposé led to a devastating scandal. Without money or a job, a heartbroken Deacon has lost custody of his baby niece. And just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, a stalker’s threatening messages escalate to murder.

Mav only agreed to one meeting, but his protective instincts kick in, along with an attraction to Deacon. When the body count increases, however, Mav is unsure he is up to the task of protecting Deacon from a killer. But it is too late for Mav to step away, now that he’s lost his heart, and he must find the strength to reassure Deacon and his niece that they are in safe hands no matter the cost.


“Do you want an ice cream?”

Deacon blinked stupidly at the completely random question, and then he followed Mav’s gaze and saw the small row of stores across the road. There was a liquor store, a barber’s, and a small café advertising homemade ice cream. Deacon huffed in surprise but straightened his shirt where it had become rucked up, then nodded cautiously. Mav guided him across the empty road, and they walked in.

A woman looked up and smiled from where she was refilling some pans. “What can I get you?”

Deacon stared unseeing at the menu. What was he even doing in here? He wanted to go home, except he didn’t have one anymore, and that thought brought on another round of tears. He turned away in case the lady saw him.

“A slow kiss,” Maverick said clearly.

“What?” Deacon lifted his head in surprise, convinced he’d misheard. Maverick pointed to the menu board, and sure enough, a Slow Kiss was chocolate mixed with fudge and a brownie. Deacon stood for a few seconds staring at the board. The words came into focus. That actually sounded pretty good. He paused. The ice cream. His gaze ran over the flavors while the lady made Maverick’s, and he decided. “I’ll have a Threesome,” Deacon said, feeling a little silly. Vanilla, butter pecan, and peanut butter. That also sounded amazing. It was like he was having some out-of-body experience. He’d had one of the worst afternoons of his life, and he was standing here making jokes and eating ice cream. He quickly held his hand to his lips because he wasn’t sure whether the next sound out of them would be a laugh or a sob. At the moment, it could go either way.

Author Bio:

Victoria Sue fell in love with love stories as a child when she would hide away with her mom’s library books and dream of the dashing hero coming to rescue her from math homework. She never mastered math but never stopped loving her heroes and decided to give them the happy ever afters they fight so hard for. 
She loves reading and writing about gorgeous boys loving each other the best—and creating a family for them to adore. Thrilled to hear from her readers, she can be found most days lurking on Facebook where she doesn’t need factor 1000 sun-cream to hide her freckles.


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Visiting Locations Makes ALL the Difference

Congratulations to "Joyce M.", the winner in Angi's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

I just mentioned to my husband that I was ready to spend the night under a gazillion stars again. I’ve never seen as many as when we traveled to West Texas to research Protecting Their Child. Thank goodness we did. There were so many details I was able to add because of that trip. AND it inspired three more books in that area: The West Texas Watchmen. Oh my gosh, the nights were so beautiful…there was so little light pollution that you could see trillions of stars. It was one of the most amazing things I’d ever seen.

I loved hiking through the Davis National Park. I don’t know why. At first glance it looks desolate, desert-like. And beautiful at the same time. But the isolation struck deep inside me as well. Sometimes it took hours to get around the mountains–a very scary thing when you’re running out of gas. The visit helped me create Kate McCrea. One of the strongest heroines I’ve been able to write about.

Where did the actual story come from? Well, about twenty-five years ago I had friends who lost a child… It’s such a sad moment. They stayed together to have two more children, but many couples don’t ever get over the loss.

Here’s a nice video someone made of the area to give you an idea.

This Excerpt from PROTECTING THEIR CHILD is when Cord & Kate are escaping over the mountains:

“Do you think I should go first?” he asked, uncertain if it were safer to climb in front and check the path or behind her in case she fell.
She threw her gloved hands in the air. “I’m moving as fast as I can,” she said, the frustration of talking to him plain in her voice.
“That’s not why I asked.”
“Oh. Well, I don’t think there’s a good—or safe way to accomplish this, Cord.”
He looked back to the Jeep as he had every two minutes. A car dome light flickered on and off. “They found the car.”
“We should get moving. Any idea where we’re heading? Especially without our cells?”
“We couldn’t use them without being found, babe.” The familiar endearment slipped out before he caught himself.
“There’s nothing on the other side other than the state park and observatory.”
“Then that’s where we head. The observatory has satellites. People equal phones and they have a field for a helicopter to land.”
“Good grief, do you know how far that is? What’s wrong with hitching a ride to the highway?” She rolled her shoulders, swung her arms back and forth as if she was warming up for her workout video.
“Not safe. We don’t know who’s in the car—driving or holding a gun to the back of their head.”
She shared a deflated long sigh. “You’re right. I don’t want anyone else hurt. But you know we’re headed to the highest point in the mountains and there isn’t anything between here and there. No ranches, no Ranger stations and we have no cell phones.”
The heavy mist that would have eventually soaked them, turned into bigger plops on their jackets. Kate got hit in the face. All she had was that old crocheted thing she’d made with her mother many years ago. When he’d ‘borrowed’ his jeans and shirt, he should have found Kate a suitable brim to keep the rain off her.
“Better get after it, then. Wait.” He placed his favorite hat on top of her worn cap. She gave him a genuine smile with lots of white, straight teeth and didn’t argue.
Kate set a steady, careful pace. Easy for him to follow and keep watch for men who might be following. So far there weren’t any lights flashing around below. Their mud-caked boots—neither pair made for hiking—contributed to the consistent slipping, adding another layer of danger to their journey.
Within minutes they were soaked. The temperature had to be just above freezing. Cord glanced at his watch again. They’d been climbing forty-five minutes with very limited headway. Kate slowed for another short catch-her-breath minute. They’d taken several and his back was more thankful than his lungs.
“There’s too much rain to locate our position,” he shared. “Think we should use a compass?”
Even at the slow pace she’d maintained, Kate huffed a couple of times before answering. “At this point, using a compass is pointless. There’s really only one path—even though I use that term very loosely.” She put her head down to avoid the pelting rain and took another step, falling to her knee, then waving him off. “I’m okay. Better get used to it. A scraped knee will soon be the least of our worries.”
She pointed to the rock face just above them. This little trek wouldn’t get them over that. They’d have to climb.
God help him, but how had things come to this? He was the one putting his wife in harm’s way now. Ex-wife. The shrink’s voice popped into his head. Shes forever tied to me now, his own voice replied. Family. He could think of his child and his child’s mother as family.
“We can’t attempt to climb in this weather. I don’t think anyone’s following, they probably haven’t been since they didn’t know which direction we’d taken off.”
“And this isn’t the logical choice.”
“Nope.” He pointed ahead. “There enough trail to make it to the bottom? Might find a bit of an overhang for protection. If we stop here, we’re fairly exposed to the elements.”
“I can make it, Cord. Don’t worry about me.” She turned and got going.
From the looks of things, they had at least another hour and a half before hitting the base. He stretched his back, swung his arms a bit slower than Kate had. The pain shot up his spine with the first step.
“I know you can make it, superwoman,” he mumbled to himself. “It’s me I have doubts about.”

If you haven’t read The Marine’s Last Defense…I hope you’ll give it a try.

Here’s what a couple of readers thought
"If you love super-hot cowboys that kick butt and don't take numbers, this is a book for you. I enjoyed the story and reconnection of the relationship over the course of the drama. Cord and Kate touched my heart. Their story was one of heartbreak and learning to move beyond the pain. Look forward to more stories by Angi Morgan in the future..” ~Read-a-Holic

“Be prepared, because this book will keep you up late into the night reading. From the beginning to the end Cord, a Texas Ranger, and his ex-wife Kate are running for their lives. But there is another life to consider as Kate is five months pregnant and Cord is determined to keep them safe at any cost. But a drug lord wanted them dead, and Colt was haunted by his inability to protect his family in the past. Love had never been the problem between Colt and Kate, but they definitely needed to work on their communication.

In this story, Angie uses her magic of writing characters that make you care. With each obstacle and danger she throws at Kate and Colt, you wonder how in the world they will survive. Even with bullets flying, a winter storm, and being forced to climb the West Texas mountains, it may be their unspoken words that cause the most danger to their hearts.
This is a must read for all those who love a good Intrigue.” ~Brenda R.

~ ~ ~
USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publishers Weekly best-seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

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Exclusive Excerpt: Secrets Never Die


When a retired sheriff’s deputy is shot to death in his home, his troubled teenage stepson, Evan, becomes the prime suspect. Even more incriminating, the boy disappeared from the scene of the crime.

Desperate to find her son, Evan’s mother begs PI Lance Kruger for help. She knows her son is innocent. Kruger and defense attorney Morgan Dane want to believe that too, but the evidence against the boy is damning. Just as the trail goes cold, another deputy vanishes. His shocking connection to Evan’s stepfather throws the investigation into chaos as Lance and Morgan fear the worst…that Evan is the killer’s new target.

With so many secrets to unravel, will Lance and Morgan find him before it’s too late?


Morgan Dane woke to the buzz of a cell phone. Raising her head, she glanced at the clock. One thirty-nine a.m. As a defense attorney, she occasionally received middle-of-the-night calls. People were arrested twenty-four hours a day. But a stomach virus had been making the rounds at the grammar school, and the two oldest of her three daughters had suffered through the bug. This was the first night in four that all her children were sleeping, and her head was as heavy as a bowling ball from lack of sleep. 

Her hand was halfway to the cell phone charging on her nightstand when a second vibration, clearly from the other side of the bed, told her the call was for her fiancé, private investigator Lance Kruger. 

Nudging Lance, she let her head drop back to the pillow. He was already reaching for his own phone. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress. 

“Lance Kruger.” His body stiffened. “Did you call 911? Do that now. I’ll be right there.” 

The alarm in his tone roused Morgan. She levered up on one elbow. 

Lance set the phone back on the nightstand, switched on the bedside lamp, and stood. Cotton pajama bottoms rode low on his hips. Morgan’s French bulldog, Snoozer, burrowed under the covers. Dog number two, a bulldog mix named Rocket, raised her head and pricked her ears at the activity. 

Morgan sat up. “Who was that?” 

“Evan Meade’s mother, Tina.” Lance rushed for the adjoining bathroom, grabbing a pair of pants from a chair on the way. “Do you have anything important on your calendar this morning?” 

“Nothing I can’t reschedule.” Morgan tossed back the covers. 

Lance coached a hockey team of at-risk youths, a role that had started when he’d been an officer with the Scarlet Falls PD. Even after a bullet had ended his career on the police force, Lance continued as coach. More importantly, he was a mentor to the troubled kids. Since she and Lance had started dating last fall, Morgan had handled most of the boys’ legal issues. “Is Evan in trouble?” 

Zipping his black cargo pants, Lance hustled out of the bathroom. His blond hair was short enough that brushing one hand across the top was enough to settle it into place.

“What happened with Evan?” Assuming the boy had gotten himself arrested for something stupid, which was the usual reason one of the hockey parents called Lance, Morgan hurried past him and took a quick turn in the bathroom. Thirty seconds later, she opened her closet, grabbed a pair of black slacks, and stepped into them. 

Lance tugged a gray T-shirt over his head. Tall, jacked, and grim-faced, he wore the tactical look well. “Tina came home from work. She found Paul shot to death and Evan missing.” 

“Paul is dead?” Shock froze Morgan’s fingers for a heartbeat, then she continued buckling her belt. She’d briefly spoken to Tina’s new husband a few times during hockey games or when he’d picked up Evan from the rink. 

Lance sat on the chair to put on his boots. “Yes. That’s all she said. When I told her to call 911, she hung up.” 

“She didn’t do that first?” Odd. Morgan put on a white cotton blouse and shoved her feet into a pair of black pumps. 

“No. She was upset.” Lance retrieved their handguns from the safe in the closet. 

If Morgan had found a dead body, her automatic reaction would have been to call the police. 

He holstered his gun at his hip and tucked it under his shirt. “I’ll start the Jeep.” 

Morgan took her Glock and did the same. She grabbed her black blazer from the closet and her giant tote bag from the dresser. “I’ll be out in one minute.” 

Author Biography
#1 Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker. A lifelong lover of books, she started writing as a way to pre­serve her sanity when her youngest child entered first grade. During the next few years, she joined Romance Writers of America, learned a few things about writing a novel, and decided the process was way more fun than analyzing financial statements. Melinda’s debut novel, She Can Run, was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers. She’s also garnered Golden Leaf and Silver Falchion Awards, along with two nominations for a RITA and three Daphne du Maurier Awards. Her other novels include She Can TellShe Can ScreamShe Can HideShe Can KillMidnight ExposureMidnight SacrificeMidnight BetrayalMidnight ObsessionHour of NeedMinutes to KillSeconds to LiveSay You’re SorryHer Last GoodbyeBones Don’t Lie, and What I’ve Done. She holds a second-degree black belt in Kenpo karate; teaches women’s self-defense; and lives in a messy house with her husband, two teenagers, a couple of dogs, and two rescue cats.

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Murder in Just Cause

Doyle was back at Scotland Yard after taking maternity leave, and the powers-that-be had decided they’d ease her way by assigning her to assist DS Isabella Munoz, which was a fate only slightly worse than death.

Annoying, it was, that she had to answer to Munoz; not to mention that Munoz wasn’t given many high-quality homicide assignments in the first place.

As a case in point, the first assignment out of the box was a possible suicide at the housing projects, something that happened with such regularity that it was a wonder the responding officer had even thought it worthy of a detective’s notice. . . .

About the Author:
Anne Cleeland writes a contemporary Scotland Yard mystery series that is featured in the Amazon top 100 best sellers. She also writes a historical series of stand-alone books set in the Regency period. A member of International Thriller Writers, The Historical Novel Society, and Mystery Writers of America, she lives in California and has four children.; @annecleeland.

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Several years ago I moved to Finland, more specifically to a Finnish small town that you’ll never have heard of. Coming from a big city it was quite a transition, but way easier than I had anticipated. Crowds of people were replaced by an incredibly vast space, and my cold limbs were warmed by the hand-knitted woolen socks kind women would treat me with or, of course, by the infamous sauna.

The mökki- culture was also new to me: Almost every Finnish family has a summer cottage somewhere in the countryside, some more rustic, others rather luxurious, where you get invited to spend a weekend swimming, barbecuing, drinking and saunaing (yes, naked, with people you might barely know).

It’s these mökki’s– small cottages in the middle of nowhere – that inspired the writer in me most.

To me they’re the ultimate location for either romance or crime.

In the Northern Nights Series, I use them for both:
In book 1, my Greek-American heroine Litza discovers the mökki as a romantic setting (get a FREE COPY of WHITE NIGHTS here:

In book 2, her best friend Lola has a very different experience: Lola’s stalker follows her all the way to Finland, determined to finally own the woman he has been following for over a year, and a lonely mökki in the middle of the forest is just what he needs… (Check out DARK NIGHTS here:

Book 3 is what I’m working on right now, be sure to join my mailing list for ARC’s...

About the author:
Jenna van Berke loves Scandinavian mysteries, Nora Roberts, Margaret Atwood and everything in between.
Working in the hotel industry, Jenna has encountered innumerable honeymooners, cheating husbands and infatuated co-workers, providing her with ample inspiration for her romance and romantic suspense novels.
She moved to Finland several years ago with her husband and child.

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