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Benedict's Challenge

Hi, Everyone,

Wow, can you believe it’s almost the beginning of June! I’ve kept myself busy during these strange times being with my family—my favorite thing!—doing my writing—of course!—baking, cross-stitch, and building new Lego sets. I think the latter is because I had two older brothers who wouldn’t let me near their Lego when we were growing up. Now no one is allowed to touch my Lego! The baking cakes is new for me too. My mother was such an amazing cook, so good she used to win competitions for her cake baking, that I have always avoided it. Now I’m baking cakes all the time and my family is loving it!     

Today is publication day of Benedict’s Challenge (Regency Club Venus 3), the 3rd book in the Romantic Suspense and all Amazon #1 series, Regency Club Venus series. Lord Benedict Winter knows Society thinks him cold and arrogant. It was a reputation that didn’t bother him in the slightest until he meets the beautiful Chloe, a young lady living in another gentleman’s household.    

The fourth and last book in this #1 Regency series is Julius’s Passion (Regency Club Venus 4), and it is now available for pre-order on all ebook sites.

MATTEO (Dance with the Devil 1) is also available for pre-order and is the 1st book in a NEW bad boy Contemporary Romantic Suspense series. It will be published on June 26th. You will have briefly met Matteo in BRYCE (Steele Protectors 3), as the brother of the heroine, Bella. Matteo has now taken back control of his London mafia organisation, but to confirm his place with the other mafia families around her world, Matteo agrees to marry the daughter of the New York don, Leonardo Brunelli. It’s really not the time for him to meet Grace Morrissy and want her so badly his desire to be with her is putting her in danger too. Because no one crosses Leon Brunelli and lives, not even Matteo Zalotti.

The second book in this very bad boy series will be LEON (Dance with the Devil 2).     

Stay safe and healthy!

Carole xx

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

News reporter by day – romantic suspense writer by night.

With: Linda Bond

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What happens when your two careers unexpectedly meet?


A medical thriller released during a real life medical thriller – the pandemic of 2020.

My name is Linda Hurtado, and I am a news anchor at a TV station in Tampa, Florida. I am also a published author of romantic thrillers under the pen name Linda Bond. I spent 10 years as a medical reporter interviewing medical experts on the latest medical trends and treatments. I loved this beat. It helped people, and no one slammed the door when they saw me coming.

Never did I guess my publisher would be releasing Flatline during the first worldwide pandemic my generation has ever seen. #Timing.

I wondered if people would be wary of reading a fictional medical thriller when they were trying to survive a real one. But early reviews assured me that a guaranteed happy ending might be just what people needed. 

Here’s an excerpt of Flatline.

He still hadn’t looked at her.
Rachel’s heart beat like an intern facing her first confrontational news interview.
How many ER physicians worked at Tampa Bay Hospital?
Dozens, at least.
And her ex-boyfriend had to be working today?  
Rachel placed a hand on her chest. Could Joshua hear it pounding? Because she could hear her pulse drumming in her ears. She felt like throwing up, herself.  “What’s wrong with her?”
“I’m not sure yet.” Joshua said, his voice booming. 
So, he did know she was in the room.
Joshua pressed his fingers into Jackie’s wrist. “Nurse Dawson her skin is a bit jaundice, pulse is weak.” He moved Jackie’s sleeve up. “Profound swelling and marked bruising extending over her left upper arm.” He continued in a professional, robotic tone. “I need a complete blood count and a metabolic profile.”
He still hadn’t looked at Rachel.  
“Tox screen. Ativan for the seizure.”
“She’s going to be alright, right, Joshua?” She couldn’t keep the doubt out of her voice. She hadn’t meant for it to be there. She knew what her doubt would do to him.
Joshua didn’t look up, but his body stilled for an instant. It was so quick his nurse probably didn’t notice. But, she did. 
Jackie stopped shaking, but she continued to twitch.
Rachel’s knees went weak. This felt like déjà vu. For many reasons.
It had been five years since her brother had died in this very ER with Joshua in the room.
Five years since she’d become a mother to her grieving niece.
Five years since she’d investigated Joshua’s ER physician’s group for medical malpractice.
Five years since Todd, the doctor in charge that night, had resigned.
Five years since Joshua had broken up with her over her series of stories.
Five years since she’d been promoted into the investigative unit, becoming ‘Rachel Makes It Right.’
Five years since she signed a new contract, which was up in a few months.
Five years since she’d had a decent night’s sleep.
The beeps of a machine sped up to an alarming rate.
A baby’s cry from another room escalated into a wail.
“Skin is warm to the touch.” Joshua pulled his fingers from Jackie’s wrist.
He finally looked at Rachel.
The heat of his gaze lit her cheeks on fire. She stumbled backwards.
Today felt so different from the day they’d met here in the hospital almost seven years earlier. She’d been with Jackie on that day, too. Jackie had come down with a case of annoying bronchitis. Joshua had been intense. Intensely flirting with her. Jackie had noticed and had slipped Joshua Rachel’s number.
The man in front of her now had hardened into a different kind of man, and she was partially responsible for his change.
 “You’re not supposed to be back here,” he said.
The frantic activity stopped. For one brief moment, the room calmed, as if the energy had been vacuumed out of it.
Then his words broke the suction. “You’re not family.  I know you’re not. You need to leave.”
Rachel took a step forward, her breath sputtering. At one time, the three of them had been like family. “I can’t leave Jackie. You know I—”
His hand shot out, silencing her. “That was not a request. This is my hospital. My trauma room. My order. Get. Out.”
Feet wide, she braced herself for a fight. She wasn’t leaving until she knew Jackie wasn’t going to die.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Until The End


I do a lot of intensive research for each romantic thriller that I write, from weaponry, combat moves, to locations. Most of which I generally do online. However, for UNTIL THE END, the third book in my Final Hour series, I chose a location for the second and third chapters of the book that was only a forty-minute drive away.
Since I’m a mom of a six and seven-year-old, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, but writing is solitary process, where I’m locked away in a room. I decided to scout the location first-hand and make it a family outing. My husband and I got the kids in the car and drove down to Washington, DC.
Walking around the Upper and Lower Senate Park turned out to be the best idea. One of my concerns for the scene I had envisioned was how does Castle and his team have a shoot-out in this park when it’s right across the street from the Capitol building and not draw a ton of police attention. I didn’t want to change the location because Kit, my smart heroine, deliberately picked that site for that very reason. She wanted someplace she’d feel safe with easy access to police.
Believe it or not, even when you use a suppressor on a gun, it still makes a distinctive sound. I needed a natural fix for my problem. Fortunately, I stumbled across the solution because I actually went to the park. There’s a huge bell tower right next to it. The bells are very loud and peal frequently. Loud enough in fact to mask the sound of suppressed gunfire. Since neither team, Castle’s nor the enemy’s, wants to draw attention, it was in both their interests to work with the environment.
Being in DC also gave me the opportunity to figure out Castle’s favorite cookie. He’s a big cookie-lover, as are my kids, imagine that. So we sampled the very best the city had to offer. By unanimous vote, Olivia Macarons won by a landslide! These are hands down the best macarons you will ever try and possibly the best cookies ever. The macarons definitely made it into the book.
If you’re new to the Final Hour world, you can download the series starter NO WAY OUT for FREE when you sign up for my newsletter.
"In this pulse-pounding, military-heavy romance, Rushdan's well-crafted characters jump off the page and will captivate lovers of romantic thrillers." - Library Journal

He's strong. Fierce. Relentless. And her only chance to survive. 

Castle Kinkade's allegiance is tested when he protects hacker Kit Westcott. Trapped in the closest of quarters, the ice surrounding his heart melts and he finds he'll do anything to protect Kit. Castle is the last person Kit should trust, let alone be attracted to, but under threat of imminent attack, they're forced to put their hearts and lives on the line to stop the greatest danger the world has ever known.

“Action, heat, and a strong cast. Readers will enjoy the ride!” -Publishers Weekly

Juno is the award-winning author of the action-packed romantic thriller series the Final Hour from Sourcebooks Casablanca and the new Hard Core Justice series from Harlequin Intrigue. She writes about kick-ass heroes and strong heroines fighting for their lives as well as their happily-ever-after. As a veteran Air Force intelligence officer, she uses her background supporting special forces to craft realistic stories that make you sweat and swoon. Juno currently lives in the DC area with her patient husband, two rambunctious kids, and a spoiled rescue dog. Be the first to know about new releases, exclusive excerpts, and contests by signing up for Juno’s free newsletter at Also be sure to follow Juno on Facebook,, and BookBub for the latest on sales at

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Monday, May 25, 2020


Congratulations to "Patricia B.", the winner in Danielle's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

Girl Long Gone is the first Romantic Thriller I’ve written. This happened by accident when I decided to tell the reader from page one who the bad guy was. No surprise, no decoy, no misunderstanding. Gabriel Wilson is a bad man, and I wanted the reader to know this from page one. To keep the reader turning the page, hopefully on the edge of their seats, I needed to create different twists and different turns. I needed to create a villain who the reader had to keep reading about, getting to know through his own point of view.
Diving into this character took this book into a whole different direction. A direction where not only is there a hero fighting to save the day and a heroine by his side using her on skills to help, but a game of cat of mouse that pits two smart adults against a madman. A madman who has an innocent woman in his clutches and the game will end in life or death of more than one person.

Some people believed money was the root of all evil, but Gabriel Wilson knew they were wrong. He’d always been evil. Money just made his life more fun.
Money had bought him a lot of things in his thirty-two years on Earth. His beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, his summer home in the Hamptons, hell, it had even bought him his flawless reputation. Everyone in New York high society knew who he was and what he represented—class, sophistication, and a hint of mystery many people found appealing.
But most importantly, money had bought him his workshop. A little piece of seclusion in a busy city where he could sneak away unnoticed and concentrate on his true calling in life.
Gabriel strode to the center of the room, and the old wooden planks squeaked beneath his weight. Puffs of stale air swirled around him, sending wisps of what lay under his feet to his flaring nostrils—sawdust, dirt, and the lingering scent of death. His muscles clenched with desire. Too much time had passed since he’d visited the basement. He’d make sure to pay his respects after he got what he came for.
After he got what he needed from her.
A single lightbulb dotted the center of the ceiling, and he yanked the white cord dangling beside it. Brightness illuminated the dark space, but he didn’t blink from the sudden burst of light. He’d anticipated it.
 But she hadn’t.
She squeezed her eyelids shut and jerked away from the penetrating shaft of light like she’d been kicked in the gut. Adrenaline raced through him. He hadn’t even touched her…yet.
“Hello there, Kitty Kat.” He couldn’t keep the lust in his gut from coating his words.
 She was special. He’d known it from the moment he’d found her online dating profile. That’s why he’d fucked up and hadn’t taken his time, hadn’t made sure to keep his identity hidden. He’d have to lay low for a while, which meant he’d have to take his time on this one.
He traced his mouth with his tongue. Taking his time wouldn’t be a problem.
 Narrowed blue eyes opened and sent sparks of hatred his way. Those eyes were what had drawn him in. Sapphire blue against skin the color of creamy mocha. The wild tangle of dark curls was icing on the cake.
 A sliver of pain threatened to steal his pleasure. Her vibrant blue eyes weren’t quite as close to violet, and the dark-haired beauty he longed for had softer curls than the tight coils flowing down his new little pet’s back. But something about Monica Mitchel called to him the same way another young woman had a very long time ago—a young woman he would kill to have back in his arms.
The shrill ring of his phone stole his attention, and irritation rippled through him. A quick glance at the screen showed an unknown number. “This is Gabriel.”
He only half listened to the caller, his gaze locked on his kitty. Monica’s muffled cries couldn’t penetrate the tape across her mouth. A grin slid onto his face, and he fought the urge to chuckle. “Good evening, Officer Sanders. I can come to the station and speak with you whenever you’d like. I’ll do whatever I can to help find this poor woman. I’d hate to think she’s in danger.”

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Honor Avenged

With: Tonya Burrows

I have a secret. I’m in love with HGTV. Not only am I infatuated to the channel, I think I might be obsessed with renovation as well. I love a good home reno project. That’s part of the reason I decided to make the heroine of my recent release, HONOR AVENGED, a house flipper and real estate agent. Leah is a fixer. She fixes houses and she does her best to fix the hero, Marcus, but he’s a stubborn man. You’ll have to read the book to see if she succeeds or if Marcus’s guilt and grief get the best of him..

Although Leah’s career didn’t end up playing as big of a role in the story as I had originally envisioned, I had a blast with the research. What’s not to enjoy about scrolling through real estate sites dreaming of owning a house on a cliff in Malibu? I just have to sell… oh, a couple gazillion more books is all. No biggie.

But back to my love of DYI. Or, as my boyfriend calls it, my addiction. The reno bug bit last summer when I decided to update my office. In two weeks, I took it from this disaster:

To this:

Now I’m at it again. I spent my weekend using paint from my office reno to redo the tiny guest bathroom. It’s not done yet, but I’m already so much happier with the way it looks. And I’ve been eyeing the kitchen next. I could repaint the cupboards, lay down vinyl plank flooring, refinish the countertops…. It wouldn’t be that hard, right?

*sigh* Maybe The Boyfriend is right and I am addicted. Maybe I need an intervention. Right after this next episode of Property Brothers…


Leah Giancarelli makes balancing her new role as a single mom look easy, but she’d have crumbled if not for her late husband’s best friend, Marcus. She has her issues with HORNET, an elite hostage rescue team—after all, Danny would still be alive if he’d never accompanied them on their last mission—but Marcus has always been by her side, a strong shoulder to lean on…

Until, after one impulsive kiss, he’s so much more.

Eaten alive by guilt, Marcus takes off, leaving both HORNET and Leah behind. Alone is easier. Safer. Because his feelings for Leah are all kinds of wrong, the worst kind of betrayal, and he can’t trust himself not to act on them.

But Danny’s death was only the beginning. Whoever hired the hitman is looking for something, and they think Leah knows where it is...

Each book in the HORNET series is STANDALONE:
* SEAL of Honor
* Honor Reclaimed
* Broken Honor
* Code of Honor
* Reckless Honor
* Honor Avenged

About the Author:
Tonya Burrows wrote her first romance at age 13 and hasn't put down her pen since. Originally from a small town in Western New York, she suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every few years. As of now, she lives in the Pacific Northwest with The Boyfriend, a diva schnoodle, a plucky pug-mix, and #writercat.

When she's not writing about hunky military heroes, Tonya can usually be found kayaking, hiking, or road tripping across the country. She also enjoys painting and B grade disaster movies.

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