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Story Ideas

With: Kat Martin

I’ve always loved a good plot.  People ask me how I come up with ideas for my novels, but the truth is, I really don’t know.

Sometimes the kernel of an idea grows out of a newspaper article or something I see on Facebook or just some old movie.  Most of the time, it’s so long ago I don’t actually remember, but my mind does.

The novella, SHADOWS AT DAWN, blossomed the way most of my stories do, basically out of nowhere.  Jaxon Ryker first appeared in THE CONSPIRACY, a former Navy SEAL, now a detective working for Chase Garrett, the wealthy owner of Maximum Security, an extremely successful private security firm in Dallas. 

I liked Jax right away.  He was definitely hero material, but at the same time, Jax was different, kind of soft-spoken, not arrogant, just a really nice guy.  Unless you pissed him off. 
Turns out Jax had a protective streak a mile wide and the sweet little receptionist at The Max was his weakness.

When Jax happens upon three men attacking her in the parking lot after work, his hero instincts kick in--big time.

Jax is convinced the attack isn’t random and that even after the fight that saved Mindy and drove the men away, she might not be safe.  And no way is Jax letting anything happen to her.

I liked the two of them together from the start.  These days, readers want kick-ass women, but there are other ways a woman can be strong.  What Jax sees is a sweet girl he believes would never be able to handle a tough guy like him.  But Mindy proves him wrong.

As the danger unfolds, Mindy and Jax are forced to work together to find the men who want her dead and figure out why.

I hope you’ll give this fun read a try and that you like Jax and Mindy as much as I did.  If you do, you can also find them in THE DECEPTION, book #2 of my Maximum Security Series after THE CONSPIRACY. 

Till next time, happy reading and all best, Kat 


Finally satisfied with her progress for the day, Mindy shoved her round tortoiseshell glasses up on her nose, slung the strap of her purse over her shoulder, and headed for the door to the parking lot behind the office.  She managed not to glance at Jax, but it wasn’t easy.

The early April weather was humid, warm but not hot, the last of a pinky gold sky fading to darkness.  She spotted her little red Volkswagen Beetle, one of the few vehicles left in the lot, and started in that direction.

If she hadn’t been working for a security firm, listening to crime stories on a daily basis, she might not have noticed the white Chevy van whose motor sparked to life and began idling in the shadows not far from her car.  

When her steps unconsciously slowed, she told herself she was being ridiculous, a paranoid response to the guys’ sometimes gruesome, often frightening tales.

Pausing to dig her car keys out of her purse, she took a deep breath and tried to calm her racing heart.  When the effort failed, she forced her feet to move, closing the distance between her and her vehicle.  She had almost reached her destination when the van doors slid open and three men dressed head-to-foot in black wearing black ski masks jumped out and started running toward her. 

Terror struck. Mindy let out a high-pitched scream, dropped her purse, whirled, and started running. 


Private detective Jaxon Ryker swore to himself he would keep his hands off Mindy Stewart. No matter how much Jax might secretly wish otherwise, his colleague at The Max is strictly off-limits. But when Mindy is the victim of an attempted kidnapping, everything changes. With both of them thrust into danger, Jax swears to protect her. As they work together in search of answers, it becomes clear Mindy’s life is on the line, so a trap is set—with Mindy as bait. Jax and Mindy have to put aside their overwhelming attraction, but if they live through this, all bets are off…

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Bestselling author Kat Martin, a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, currently resides in Missoula, Montana with Western-author husband, L. J. Martin.  More than seventeen million copies of Kat’s books are in print, and she has been published in twenty foreign countries.  Fifteen of her recent novels have taken top-ten spots on the New York Times Bestseller List, and her novel, BEYOND REASON, was recently optioned for a feature film.  Kat’s next hardcover, THE DECEPTION, a Romantic Thriller, will be released on September 10th.

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Bastian’s Surrender

Hi, Everyone,

I’ve just returned from a holiday on the island of Mallorca, to our home on another island, the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, while we were away the Isle of Man had a severe storm, causing the river behind our house to burst its bank half a mile up the road. This caused the river to split in two, one half continuing to flow down the riverbed, the other cascading a foot high down the road in front of our house, washing cars and other debris along with it. Much to our alarm the river rushing by on the road in front of our house was actually broadcast on the main UK news! Needless to say, we expected to return home to severe damage to the outside and inside of the house, but were pleasantly surprised to find we only had a couple of damp carpets to remove. The garden, front of the house, and my car were a little the worse for the mud carried along by the river, but otherwise all is now back to normal. Whew!    

October 25th is publication day of Bastian’s Surrender (Regency Club Venus 1). This novella is priced at only $0.99/£0.99. It was previously published in the Christmas anthology titled Seduced Under the Mistletoe. It has had 1,000 words added to the original text in order to facilitate the continuing romantic suspense storyline throughout the whole series.

The second book in the Regency Club Venus series is Gabriel’s Torment (Regency Club Venus 2). It is now available for pre-order. As the owner of Club Venus, Gabriel Templeton is no fool when it comes to women. So it comes as something of a shock when he discovers the young boy he has taken into his home is, in fact, a young woman.

HAYDN (Steele Protectors 5), my 250th book, and is also now available for pre-order. Being the computer geek of the family doesn’t mean Haydn doesn’t have other skills. Skills he has no hesitation in using when it comes to protecting Hailey Frost. Even when she makes it very clear she doesn’t want his protection!

Talk to you again soon!
Carole xx

Buy link for Bastian’s Surrender (Regency Club Venus 1) 
Also available Barnes&Noble, Google, Kobo, Apple Books, and Smashwords

Buy links for HAYDN (Steele Protectors 5)
Also Available Barnes&Noble, Google, Apple Books, Kobo, Smashwords.

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Revisiting old friends

Congratulations to "Priscilla B.", the winner in Terry's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

Revisiting old friends is always a treat, but there can be problems. When I decided to write another book in my Pine Hills Police series after a multi-year hiatus, I had to refresh my memory about the town, the businesses, and the characters. Thank goodness for digital files and the “Find” function!

Remaking Morgan, Book 6 in the series introduces two characters, Morgan Tate and Cole Patton. And there’s a dog!

Here’s some more about the book:

There’s no escaping your past, no matter how deep you try to bury it.

Morgan Tate has spent over a decade trying to bury her past, hiding behind self-imposed barriers. When she inherits a house in Pine Hills, Oregon, she decides it’s the perfect time to pack up and start a new life. She arrives to discover her new home is a dilapidated structure, filled with mysteries and secrets, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to live in it as required by the terms of the trust. A threat painted on one of the bedroom walls sends her to the police, where she enlists the help of Officer Cole Patton. Can she reveal who she really is and let Cole into her life? But only as a friend. The last thing she’s looking for is romance.

Cole Patton changed his life’s direction to become a cop after losing his childhood sweetheart to violence, but he’s afraid he made the wrong decision. He fears that someday he’ll have to put his life on the line. If that happens, will he find the courage to step forward? When Morgan Tate shows up asking someone to explain a threatening message in her new home, Cole is eager to help her discover the truth. The task seems simple and safe, and it doesn’t hurt that Morgan is an attractive woman. He’s not looking for a relationship but Morgan intrigues him. When she’s put in danger, can Cole be the cop he set out to be?

And an excerpt:
Morgan Tate’s heart sank as she pulled into the driveway of the ramshackle Victorian home she’d inherited. The misty drizzle didn’t do anything to enhance the house’s appearance. Leave it to Uncle Bob to saddle her with a money pit.
After four long days on the road, worrying about Austin and what she’d find in Pine Hills had her stomach churning like a washing machine on spin cycle. Seeing the house had her dreams for Austin slipping down the drain.
Austin’s talents needed nurturing, and arranging a way for him to leave Dublin, Ohio, to escape with her had been a dream. His mother had promised to get Austin to his music lessons while Morgan was away—if she wasn’t too boozed up to handle it. Inheriting this house had seemed like a dream come true. Show his mother Austin was better off with her for now, in a new town in a nice neighborhood.
She stared at the dilapidated structure, wondering how she could put her plan to work.
You’ll figure it out.
Morgan had never met her uncle. Their relationship had been birthday and Christmas cards, which had stopped when she was ten. Tempted to drive away, Morgan turned off her car before she chickened out and hightailed it back to Dublin, where Austin needed her.
You’re in Pine Hills, Oregon, because Austin needs you.
She should call Edmund Hathaway, the lawyer who’d handled Uncle Bob’s estate. With a deep breath, Morgan brought up the lawyer’s contact information in her phone and made the call. As expected, she got his receptionist, the stodgy Mrs. Braithwhite.
“Mr. Hathaway is at lunch, Miss Tate,” the woman said.
“Please tell him I’m at the house. I haven’t been inside, but it’s not looking good. Nothing like the picture on the web. Will the terms of the trust still stand if the house is uninhabitable?”
“I’ll check and have him call you,” Mrs. Braithwhite said.
Morgan thanked her and ended the call.
According to Mr. Hathaway, the place had been vacant for the last five years. If the place was uninhabitable, what did that mean for her plan to start a new life in Pine Hills? A way to get Austin into a healthier environment, a place where his talents could grow.
One step at a time.
Cursing her hands, painful after so much time holding a steering wheel, Morgan fished the keys to the house from her purse, zipped her windbreaker up to her chin, and pulled the hood over her head. Wouldn’t matter. At the slightest bit of humidity, her hair frizzed into a million wild corkscrews.
Her heart pounding in anticipation, she slung her purse over her shoulder and strode for the porch steps. She halted at the bottom to assess their condition before barreling up. The second step was half gone, its wooden plank split in two, dangling into the space beneath. Clutching the rail, Morgan tested each step before trusting it to hold her weight.
The key slid easily into the lock. Morgan gave it a twist and pushed the door open. Although it was early afternoon, the cloudy skies shrouded the interior in dull gray. She reached for the light switch. Nothing.
She frowned. Mr. Hathaway told her he’d have the utilities turned on for her arrival.
Morgan had never visited, and had no idea what condition the place had been in while Uncle Bob lived here. She’d been shocked to learn Uncle Bob had left everything to her. Apparently, she was his only living relative.
She stood in the entryway, assessing what was supposed to be her home for the next year. No broken windows, a plus. Hardwood floors, another plus. They’d need work, but a couple of area rugs would suffice for a while. The turret living room with its three lofty windows held a lone, sorry-looking green couch. Not another stick of furniture in the room. Definite minus.
An old card table comprised the entire dining room furniture.
In the eat-in kitchen, the door of the avocado-green fridge stood open, revealing a whole lot of empty. The gas stove was of the same vintage.
She braved a peek into the oven. Yuck. Whoever’d used it last hadn’t cleaned it in months—or ever. One of the burner covers was missing. Several cabinet doors hung from their hinges. A quick survey revealed a lone, dusty can of pork and beans, way, way past its expiration date.
Was there furniture in the bedrooms? Would the bathrooms function once the water was turned on? If she had to stay here for a year, did today count as day one? Could she rent another place until she had bare-bones furnishings and functioning utilities?
Why didn’t you think of this before you committed to this arrangement?
Onward. The upstairs awaited. More creaky stairs, but at least these were all intact. She ran her fingertips along the dust-covered wood rail of the staircase, with its turned balusters. Definitely a plus-column feature.
She opened the door to the first bedroom. Room might be a more appropriate description since there was no bed. This room, also part of the turret, lay above the living room and overlooked the street. Morgan stepped inside, turned.
Her heart leaped to her throat. Blood pounded in her ears. She’d have sunk to the bed if there’d been one to sit on.
     The words I WARNED YOU! NOW YOU’RE DEAD! written in red-brown paint—at least she hoped it was paint—stood out in stark contrast against the dingy gray wall.

You can buy Remaking Morgan in digital, print, and audio. Please note that I’ll be sharing royalties of all sales of Remaking Morgan through October 25th with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of my daughter. Help find a cure!

And for one commenter, I have a collector’s item copy of Nowhere to Hide in its second iteration. First published by Cerridwen Press as Starting Over in digital format only, then, a revised edition as a stand alone by The Wild Rose Press renamed Nowhere to Hide in digital and print. When rights reverted to me, I kept the title, and updated the book as part of the Pine Hills Police series once again.

Terry Odell began writing by mistake, when her son mentioned a television show and she thought she’d be a good mom and watch it so they’d have common ground for discussions.
Little did she know she would enter the world of writing, first via fan fiction, then through Internet groups, and finally in groups with real, live partners. Her first publications were short stories, but she found more freedom in longer works and began what she thought was a mystery. Her daughters told her it was a romance so she began learning more about the genre and craft.
Now a multi-published, award winning author, Terry resides with her husband and rescue dog in the mountains of Colorado. You can learn more about her books find her online at:
Her website
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Sneak Peak At DARK ’N’ DEADLY, A Federal K-9 Novel

Congratulations to "Trude", the winner in Tee's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

I’m excited to be back on Just Romantic Suspense and talk to you about my latest release, Dark ’N’ Deadly. DND is the third in my Federal K-9 series and was one of the most fun to write. For all you thriller addicts, don’t worry—danger and intrigue still abound. But since this story also has a hero (ATF Special Agent Eric Miller) and a heroine (sassy and vibrant Tess McTavish) who are as different as two people can possibly be, their relationship was easy fodder for some super-sexy, super-fun conversation. Here’s a sneak peak from inside the covers:

The man was absolutely, freaking hot from his toes to his head. She’d seen him without a shirt before, but then she’d been so concerned about his injuries, she hadn’t been capable of focusing on his extreme level of fitness.
Uber. Understatement.
Long, muscular legs filled out a pair of black sweats. A white, sweat-dampened muscle shirt that said FLETC on it, stuck to his chest and abs in a way that showed every cut muscle on the man’s upper body. A light sheen of sweat glistened on his thickly muscled shoulders, biceps, and forearms. Normally, sweaty men didn’t do a thing for her. Her perspective on that score had just changed. Drastically.
“Why don’t you just rearrange my furniture, too?” he said more than asked, in a slightly amused, and very deep, sexy voice.
“I’m doing yoga.” Trying not to drool, she rolled forward, arching her back as she transitioned to cobra then eased back to her starting point.
“I know that,” he said from behind her. “What do you call that pose?”
“Downward dog.”
He chuckled, and Tiger lifted his head. “Seriously?” Now, his tone definitely held humor.
Too distracted to continue, she stood, trying not to stare at all those bulging, sweaty, glistening muscles. “You should try it.”
“No.” He frowned. “I shouldn’t.”
“You don’t know what you’re missing,” she insisted. “Contrary to what you obviously think, it will make you stronger.”
“If I want to be stronger, I’ll lift more weights.”
“You are such a guy.” She began to laugh, nearly choking when a bead of sweat trickled down his temple to his rock-hard jaw, and from there, slithered down his corded neck. She’d never thought of sweat as sexy before, but now… Oh. My. “Yoga uses different muscles and in a different way, stretching and strengthening them. It also contributes to good, healthy chi.”
He nodded, clearly feigning serious consideration. “A healthy chi is the cornerstone of any good breakfast. Don’t know about the candle.” He wrinkled his nose, the same way Tiger had, then picked up a yellow crystal from the end table. “What’s this?”
“Citrine,” she said. “It harnesses the energy of the sun. Some say it’s the energetic power center of a woman’s body, capable of catapulting her into a leadership role. It’s one of my favorite crystals.”
“Why?” He cocked his head.
“One day I hope it jump-starts my business.”
“What business?” He set the crystal back on the table and crossed his arms, making those deliciously sweaty biceps bulge even more.
“A shop. Something like that little corner store we went into yesterday.” When his brows lowered, she regretted confiding that in him. She was light years from accomplishing her goal, and seeing his skeptical reaction made her self-conscious. “It’s a pipe dream, really. I’m taking online courses to get my MBA.” His brows lowered further, and she parked her fists on her hips. “What? You don’t think I can do it?”
He made a scoffing sound. “You’re one of the most capable women I’ve ever met. I think you can do anything you set your mind to.”
            For a moment, she was struck dumb enough by his words to be completely speechless. She honestly hadn’t known he thought of her that way. Knowing he did, sent a warm surge of…well, something through her system.
“And this one?” He picked up her favorite crystal, a rose quartz similar to the one she wore around her neck, only bigger.
“Rose quartz. It not only promotes positive energy, but enhances all types of love, especially unconditional love.” Something she’d yet to experience. Someday, perhaps. When all the stars and planets aligned in perfect harmony. In other words, probably never.
Eric rubbed his thumb and forefinger back and forth over the smooth, pale pink facets. There was something so intimate—so personal—about his big fingers caressing her crystal, it made her shiver.
“Can’t you feel it?” she asked. “All that warm, potent energy stroking your muscles and seeping into your bones?” The minute the words were out, she cringed, sorely regretting them. Any conversation involving “stroking” and “bones” in the same sentence… Bad choice of words.
His clear blue eyes darkened, becoming turbulent, the way she imagined the Caribbean Sea would look, all churned up by an incoming storm.
Oh, girl. Focus on something else. Besides the intensity of those beautiful baby blues.
Or stroking his bone.
5-Star Reviews For Dark ’N’ Deadly:

“Tense and action packed with just enough lust and swoon makes Dark 'N' Deadly a top notch romantic suspense that you won't want to put down!” Red Hatter Book Blog 

“LOVED this book! Wow! This is a great read that kept me up half the night reading because I couldn't put it down.” Linda, Goodreads

“If I could give this book a 10 star rating I would.” Yvonne, Goodreads

Tee’s Giveaway: 
One digital copy of either of the first two books in the Federal K-9 Series: Lock ’N’ Load or Armed ’N’ Ready.

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Lovin’ Undercover

Congratulations to "Mary P.", the winner in Angi's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

The Ranger is the conclusion of my west Texas Watchmen series and has one of my favorite covers from Harlequin. I adore the fact they gave my hero and Toby (the heroine’s son) matching shirts. Toby has a bit of hero worship, wanting to be just like the mechanic working for his mom and Mitch has a bit of dad-envy. Everyone believes Mitch to be a drifter when he’s really an undercover Texas Ranger. Here’s a cute excerpt about Mitch & Toby: The Ranger on JRS. I hope you’ll give my West Texas Watchmen series a try if you haven’t already.

A FUN PICTURE during the release of THE RANGER: Going into a bookstore with my husband is always fun for me. Not only does he enjoy looking at what’s on the shelves, but he always pulls up one of my book covers on their displays. 

Here’s one the first kiss excerpt, from Brandie’s POV:

The evening cook had finished his cleanup and headed for home. Brandie looked through the serving window where her mechanic put the last of the dishes away.

“I sure am glad you could help out this afternoon, Mitch. I had no idea we’d get busy after I sent the staff home. But I think we made bread money this month.”

“Not a problem. Do buses normally just pull up outside with no warning?”

“I gave the driver our number. He’s going to check with us next time. He said he thought his charter company had called. Thanks for suggesting some of the customers shop before eating.”

She gathered the bills from the cash register and went to the back room to place the bag in the safe. She’d make the deposit  on her day off or take a break when one of the part timers worked.

“For a morning that started out questionable,” Mitch said from the front of the café, “it turned out well for you.” He stepped away from the jukebox and her favorite song started playing.
It brought a smile to her lips every time she heard it. Tonight was no exception. Especially since Mitch had chosen something she liked. So he’d noticed what music she played when she was here alone? Duh. He could hear it in his room at the back of the garage.

“You’re absolutely right. A bad start but an awesome finish.” She took the hand he extended and swung into his arms. When their fingers touched she thought about Rey wanting her to get Mitch away from the garage. Only a split second thought because she was ready for a moment of not thinking at all. A moment to let her mind rest and just feel nice swaying to the music.

Feeling Mitch’s arms around didn’t hurt either. He was an expert dancer and it was so easy to lean her ear against his chest and let him weave them between the tables. She could sweep and mop early in the morning.

Right now, it felt wonderful being held by someone taller than herself. She loved having her son’s arms around her and missed him terribly on days like today when she worked from open to close. But there was something about a man guiding you around a dance floor, trusting him to protect you.

“I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. Probably before Toby was born.”

“No talking. Just enjoy the music.”

Brandie relaxed and let him lead with confidence. The next song was country swing. With gentle nudges at her waist, his strong hands had her performing fancy dance moves she’d never dreamed of before. When the song was over they were both laughing and she leaned in to hug him.

“That felt so good.” She craned her neck backward to look up into his eyes.

“Then we need to do it again.” He leaned toward her.

Brandie didn’t dodge him. His lips were amazingly soft for a man, but still firm. Tall, lean, comforting, protective, strong…all were good words to describe him. The scruff from his five o’clock shadow teased her cheek and she kissed him back, drinking in his taste and trying to remember the last exciting thrill she’d had.

Then it hit her. The last dance and intimate kiss had been saying goodbye. She jerked back, bumping into a table and scooting the chair a little across the floor. “I…um…I’m afraid I’ve given you the wrong impression, Mitch.”

“It was just a kiss. I doubt your boyfriend will get upset.”

Not a boyfriend. But Rey would be more upset that she hadn’t let the kiss continue and progress to an overnight stay at her house.

“Oh, I’m not dating anyone. I can’t. I don’t have any intention of dating at all. I have a son to raise. There’s just no time for a relationship.”

“I wouldn’t think a dance and kiss meant we had a relationship. But let’s say it does. What’s wrong with a man in your life who understands your commitments and doesn’t want to take you away from them? I like Toby. He’s a terrific kid. You’ve done a great job.” He took a step, pushed his hand through his hair.

He had a very frustrated look on his face that didn’t match the complimentary words he spoke aloud.

“Thanks, that means a lot. I better lock up now.” She fished the keys from her pocket and was ready to think more about their moment once she got home.

He snagged her hand and twirled her back in front of him. “You didn’t answer my question. What’s the big deal about having a little fun? I’d love it if Toby could come, too.”

“It’s going to just break his heart when you leave.” Hers was going to ache a little, too. “I can’t do that to him.” To us.

“Here I am asking you on a date and you’ve got me leaving town, breaking a kid’s heart. How did that happen? You firing me for asking the boss out?”

“No, of course not.” The bell over the door rang, letting them both know someone had walked into the café. Mitch released her.

Here’s what readers said about The Ranger:
“I loved this book. I like the fact that Brandie has a kid. I like the way Brandi has a sense of humor and the way Mitch and her work together. This book is the third book in the series. I haven't read the first two, and it didn't matter. This book stands alone and doesn't ruin what had happened in the first two with the characters that are still in this one. I can't wait to read the other two. You won't be disappointed in reading this book..” Theresa on GoodReads, 5 stars

Want a Series to read? In THE RANGER (West Texas Watchmen book 3) you’re with an undercover Ranger as a Mechanic who is trying to stop guns and drugs being brought in from the border and also trying to keep the beautiful spitfire of a red-headed manager who owns the cafe and garage safe from the bad guys. All the while trying not to fall for her and her son. Action Packed with gun and drug smuggling and a kidnapping to falling in love at the end.” Bonnie on GoodReads, 5 stars

“Let me tell you… Angi knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Mitch is hot and strong and not afraid to back down but knows when to let a woman make her own choices (Brandie). Brandie is strong-willed and has a one track mind when it comes to her family and ready to jump in with both feet to get the job done. I totally love this book. I hope you all love it too.” Misty on Amazon, 5 stars

See more of Mitch & Brandie on Just Romantic Suspense:

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USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes on-the-run suspense where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publishers Weekly best-seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book. 
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