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Exonerated With Love

Can second chances really exist for a bad boy mobster and the only woman to ever steal his heart?

There’s a hit out on Cameron Shearer’s life, his mafia ties dragging him down the path of darkness once more. After a harrowing meeting, he discovers no one ever stays dead when you’re in the mafia. Determined not to lose the only woman he’s loved, Cameron turns to the Del Rossi mob for one last favor. Unfortunately for him, the ending may not be as happy as he once hoped.

Joci Dorous has it all. She’s happy, engaged, and just started her own law firm with her best friend. Everything appears perfect, until she discovers a suspicious trail of money in her business accounts and her once dutiful fiancĂ© suddenly turns as shady as his mob boss. When strangers clash amid mobs, Joci is left to decipher who her heart truly belongs to. 

“We can’t worry about what may happen.” She hugged him. “Whatever comes, good or bad, we have each other and we’ll get through it.”
Tracing her neck with agile fingers, he agreed. It was his sole option. “I know, but promise me one thing.” She nodded for him to go on. “You’ll never ever wear underwear again.”
Laughter bubbled up from her throat, and she slugged his arm playfully. “You’re relentless,” she teased.
Kissing her soundly, Cameron unlatched his lips only after hearing a satisfied sigh escape her. “Yes, I am. Relentlessly in love with you.”
Rolling her on top of him, he stole her mouth once more. “Wanna play cops and robbers?”
Smirking, Joci grabbed his wrists and pushed them into the bedding. He didn’t bother resisting. Why would he when he was exactly where he wanted to be? “It depends. Which one am I?”
Relishing the way she sprung to life above him, he grinned. “The robber, obviously, because you steal my heart on a consistent basis.”

About the Author:
Skye McNeil began writing at the age of seventeen and has been lost in a love affair ever since. During the day, she moonlights as a paralegal at a law firm favoring criminal law.
Skye enjoys writing romantic suspense and contemporary romance novels that leave readers wanting more and falling in love over and over. Her books range from sweet and sassy to steamy and sultry.
Her constant writing companions are two cats and two dogs. When she’s not writing, Skye enjoys spending time with family, photography, volleyball, traveling, and curling up with a cup of coffee and reading.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Maverick Seduction … a serial

Congratulations to "Janet K.", the winner in Angi's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I’m writing a new story…and it’s not for sale –well, the first chapter is, but I’m donating all the proceeds to WSF. That’s the only place to get the first installment of Maverick Seduction (available June 1st). I hope to have another installment (free with my newsletter) every month afterwards.

MAVERICK SEDUCTION is the first short story in the romance of Sean Maverick and E.M. Stone. He’s a cowboy turned mechanic who left the circuit to take care of his little sister. She’s a rich girl turned cow girl so she could rope her man.

Who says you can’t buy love?

Sean Maverick is on a charity auction block until a beautiful woman from his past buys him for the night. Em Stone bids big for one night with the rogue cowboy she’s loved from afar for nine years. She’ll win his heart even if she had to lasso and knock him off his feet.

“You’ve been pining for that young buck for so long that you forgot he’s just a normal cowpoke. We take a while to come around. Love takes time, baby girl. Did you expect him to take one look and sweep you off your feet?”
He had in a way.
“We barely know each other.”
“Mm hmm.”
Her grandad slid his eggs between his two pancakes and sliced into them. He stuffed a bite in his mouth instead of giving her advice. She took his lead and they ate in silence giving her a chance to think about what she’d expected last night.
Had she put so much thought into reliving her grandparents’ story that she’d missed something? She couldn’t imagine spending her life with anyone other than Sean Maverick. But had she ever given anyone an opportunity to persuade her?
“You know, Granddad.” She tapped the back of his hand. “You’re a pretty smart fella.”

When you buy MAVERICK SEDUCTION, you’ll also get 16 additional short stories all associated with Deadwood. Why did these authors put together the anthology? To raise money for the Western Sports Foundation. The following quote sums up why we chose to donate our stories and 100% of the proceeds to this great organization.

“The Western Sports Foundation allowed me the financial stability to properly let my body heal to 100% before returning to action. In our spot that is totally unheard of. Myself, all bull riders and the sport itself are forever better for WSF.” ~Tanner Byrne

If you’re in the area or can drive there, come join us at WILD DEADWOOD READS, June 7-9 in Deadwood, South Dakota. The book signing is Saturday June 9th.  Wild Deadwood Tales will be available in print and digital on May 1st. Be sure to grab your copy. Want it autographed? Talk to me!!

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USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publisher’s Weekly best seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

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Have you ever wondered why we love second-chance romances? Perhaps, romance readers are a compassionate bunch, and we believe everyone deserves a second chance. Or maybe, many of us have had a relationship that ended badly, and we always hoped for another opportunity to make it work. Or are we naturally cheerleaders for star-crossed lovers? Whatever the reason, a second chance at love for the hero and heroine is a very popular trope.

I never start writing a story based on a trope, probably because I’m a pantser (i.e. I write by the seat of my pants versus plotting in advance) and don’t know where the characters will lead me. So I’m really pleased that—without even planning it—both my Rogue Security and FBI Heat series include a second-chance romance. What’s especially nice is that the reason for the demise of the first chance at love between the hero and heroine in each story is so totally different. In DEADLY DECEPTION, Sean and Jessie’s relationship is destroyed by someone’s cruel deception. In WANTED, Kat leaves Dillon at the altar because something she learns on the morning of their wedding day would ruin his dreams for the future. I hope both of my second-chance romances will tug at your heartstrings.


When her mother disappears, Jessica Hargrove’s life begins to unravel. And her problems are only just beginning. A horrible secret has been revealed, threatening to destroy three generations of her family, and the one person who may be able to help her is the man she’s never stopped loving, the man who once broke her heart.

LAPD Detective Sean Burke is back in his small hometown, pondering if his career in the big city is what he really wants anymore. As painful as it is to see Jessie again, she needs him. He can’t walk away when she’s about to lose everything she holds dear. But will what he discovers ruin their second chance at love?

            A voice called to Sean through the darkness, but he couldn’t make out the words over the jackhammering in his head. The constant pounding seemed to be pulling him up, up, up, like the crank on the back of a tow truck. If the pain ricocheting around his body was any indication of what awaited him at the top, he wasn’t sure he wanted to surface.
            The voice came again, louder, clearer. The rhythmic beating quieted. The cocooning darkness faded. The throbbing pain increased.
            “Sean Burke, don’t you dare die on me. If I kill you, I want to do it with my bare hands, not my car. Do you hear me?”
            “Yeah. Loud…and clear,” he mumbled. He managed to open his eyes a slit, but the world was a blur.
            Jessie squealed. “Oh, thank God, you’re not dead.”
            “I got…the message. You want…to use your hands.” He groaned at Read the rest of the excerpt here.

Buy the book: Amazon B&N iTunes Kobo


Kat MacKenzie knows something is terribly wrong at the Diablo Beach Nuclear Power Plant, but she can’t figure out if it’s computer error, equipment malfunction, or human sabotage. Unfortunately, the only person she can trust with the problem is the man she left at the altar two years ago. If Dillon doesn’t already hate her, he surely will once he discovers why she abandoned him.

The last person he expects to call him is the woman who broke his heart. But FBI Special Agent Dillon O’Malley can’t ignore Kat’s plea for help—not when national security may be at stake. As enemies become clear and catastrophe threatens, can Kat and Dillon put the past behind them to save the day and secure their future?

            A man stood several feet away, out of the glow from the porch light, partially hidden in the shadows, intensity rolling off him in waves. Tall. Muscular. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips. A shock of black hair hanging on his forehead and the hunger of a wolf glistening in his blue eyes. His handsome-as-hell image slammed into her, stealing her breath.
        “Dillon.” The name left her lips like a whispered prayer.
            “Kat.” A sound like a slap in response.
            She clutched the edge of the door. She needed to hang on for two reasons: Her knees had gone weak at the sight of him, and if she didn’t cling to the door, she’d throw herself into his arms and beg him to forgive her.
            All the love she’d buried for the past two years swelled inside her heart and then rose to the surface to steal her voice. She still loved this man more than she could bear. She loved him so much that she’d given him up so he could live his life as he had always wanted. As he needed. Letting him go had cost her dearly, more than Read the rest of the excerpt here.

Buy the book: Amazon B&N iTunes Kobo

About Marissa:
I’m a wife, writer, chocoholic, and animal lover, not necessarily in that order. As a little girl, I cut pictures of people out of my mother’s magazines and turned them into characters in my simple stories. Now I write edgy romantic thrillers, steamy contemporary romance, and sexy paranormal romantic suspense. My stories will titillate your mind as well as your libido. I live in sunny Southern California with my husband, but enjoy traveling from Athens to Anchorage to Acapulco and many locations in between.

Where to find Marissa:

Enter the giveaway on my Facebook page or my website to win a $15 (US$) Amazon gift card PLUS one Amazon ebook copy of both HUNTED and TARGETED from the FBI Heat series. Good luck!

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Girl in the Mist

With: S.T. Young

Girl in the Mist, a single-title, taut psychological thriller by S.T.

Infamous for infiltration and becoming her undercover identities, Nina Hernandez disappeared without a trace. Three years later, Naval Intelligence agent Rory O’Donnell finds her in a tortuous mental hospital. He's unsure if it's really Nina, or if she's undercover and faking it. Either way, he's pretty sure something sinister is going on...

Rory springs Nina, and together they elude their determined pursuers. He needs to get her to safety...all while keeping his hands off the beautiful, mysterious young woman. As he works to convince her to trust him and share her darkest secrets, he wonders if he can trust her not to betray his...

Between her mercurial changes, sexy come-ons, and her exasperating independence, a protection assignment has never been so hard. On a dangerous trek across the country as they tumble from one danger into the next, Rory finds that resisting Nina might just be his toughest task yet.

Excerpt of Girl in the Mist

Too close. But now he knew the shooter was three stories up.

Lena could only be one story ahead of him. He began taking four steps at a time.
He didn’t catch up with her until the tenth floor, two stories down from the roof. Without a word, he passed her and took the lead.

“Spoilsport,” she wheezed.

 She was struggling to keep up, her breathing choppy and loud. The strain was almost too much for her abused body, but he knew she wasn’t about to give up. Calling her stubborn was an understatement. She would kill herself before giving into something as insignificant as exhaustion.

All he could do to prevent a disaster was to keep himself between her and Creed at all times. And who knew, with a little luck they just might make it through this day alive.
He rounded the last corner and caught a glimpse of the black-clad man as he burst through the rooftop exit.

Rory pulled up short, dragging in deep breaths.

“Oh, no you don’t.” He shoved her back against the wall beside the door. She would have charged through it, possibly straight into Creed’s line of fire. “Lena. For God’s sake. Quit acting like an idiot, damn it! You’re better than this.”

“Will you stop fondling me?” She slapped at his hand and threw him a glare. “I mean it. Hands. Off!”

Ignoring her, he used the tip of his boot to push open the door several inches. A salvo of bullets screamed through the crack, digging into the wall on the opposite side.

He jerked back, allowing the steel door to shut and take the last hit.

He gave her a meaningful look. “I’ll stop,” he ground out, “as soon as you start showing some f**king common sense!” He inhaled deeply to regain his calm. “There’s no cover out there. You’ll be a sitting duck the moment you go through that door.”

“So cover me.” Using the barrel of her gun she pushed his arm away. “Now, move, before that son of a bitch gets away.”

Her impatience and complete lack of caution was wearing thin fast. He bit back another curse. “Stay behind me,” he ordered once again, but didn’t delude himself that she might actually listen.

Taking a deep breath, he braced his weapon in both hands, then crashed through the door, fired two shots at Creed’s moving shadow, rolled over the gravel-covered roof of the building, and took cover behind a large ventilation shaft. It was barely big enough to shield his large bulk, but he gladly took it. With a quick scan, he took in the expanse of roof. And immediately spotted the wiry shape of Jonathan Creed sprinting toward the edge at breakneck speed.

Rory took aim again, just as the man leaped.

There was a flash of movement as Lena ran past him, gun blazing.

Landing on the roof of the next building, Creed faltered.


Even from this distance, Rory could see blood pouring from his calf. But it didn’t bring him down. He limped twice but still ran for the cover of the stairwell, where he disappeared from sight.


A trail of Lena’s bullets followed him until that last moment, missing him by fractions, plowing into concrete and brick until a click and a curse announced she was out of ammunition.

Rory sprinted toward her as she peered calculatedly over the edge. A good twelve feet separated the buildings.

“Are you fucking insane?” He grabbed her arm, just in case.

Naturally, she tried to pull loose. He didn’t give an inch. At last, with a huff of disappointment she lowered her weapon and removed the empty clip.

“Fast little bastard, isn’t he?” she muttered, but not without a note of admiration. “Takes guts to make a jump like that.” A hard look appeared in her eyes as she wiped at the perspiration on her upper lip. “Shame I have to kill him.”

The sounds of police sirens cut through the busy burr of city noises below.

“Well, fun as that was,” she said cheerfully enough for Rory to want to throttle her, “we should get out of here before the cops show up.”

He just clamped his jaw and followed her to the stairs.

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I made it all up!

Giveaway Alert!

Really, I did.

That’s what fiction authors do. We make up things—with the exception of facts gathered from true research. We invent. We imagine plots, characters, locations.

My romantic suspense novels can also be classified as romantic adventures. Along with plots and characters, I’ve made up locations in each of them. Some are real, but most places exist in my imagination. Whatever it Takes, my latest release, is a great example of this. It’s the second of my books set in the fictitious South American country of San Mateo. San Mateo is on the Pacific coast of the continent, has a long coastal desert, mountains and a jungle. If that sounds a bit familiar, maybe from a geography class, that sums up Peru nicely. Yes, San Mateo is based on Peru. But I took a great deal of creative license when I set up San Mateo.

One of my challenges was that of coming up with place names since this is primarily a Spanish speaking country. I tried to make the important ones simple: San Mateo (Saint Matthew), Monte Blanco (White Mountain), San Vicente (Saint Vincent). The capital is Ciudad San Mateo, which should really be Ciudad de San Mateo, but I was afraid that might confuse readers. There really is a Pan-American Highway, a network of roads forming the longest “motorable road” in the word. It runs from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the tip of South America, with a break in Central America. Then there are those “other” place names. Two are real Peruvian place names: Huamachuco (pronounced wa-mah-choo-ko) and Huacachina (wa-kah-chee-na). Huacachina is particularly interesting and worth a Google Images search.

Whatever it Takes is the fourth in my Shadow Heroes series, but each book in this series is a stand-alone novel with its own conclusion and limited overlapping characters.

A woman frantic to find her child…

Laura Iglesias’s young son was kidnapped by a powerful and unscrupulous San Matean ex-general turned politician in order to flush her father, his top rival, out of hiding. With a reward out for her arrest, she’s masquerading as a waitress/caterer so she can get inside the estate where she believes her son is being kept—until a stranger intervenes.

A man with a mission…

CIA special ops officer Mark Williams has no idea what he’s getting into when he helps a pretty waitress avoid the advances of the ex-general. When Mark realizes she’s the widow of a fallen hero whose death haunts him, he vows to help her and her child get away. But helping her puts him at odds with his mission to take down the villainous ex-general. Torn between duty and the debt to a dead man’s family, Mark is forced to make decisions that tear at his soul and could end in disaster.

A country on the brink…

Pretending to be man and wife on a quest to find her son, Mark and Laura fight an overwhelming attraction and give in to desire. But when they discover where her son is hidden, the villain makes a final power play that could destroy the country. Mark’s choices are stark: stop him or save Laura and the boy. And when Laura learns Mark’s true identity and purpose, she must decide if she can trust this man who lied to her about everything, maybe even about the passion they shared.

Whatever it Takes is on sale for $0.99 during release week through April 15, 2018.
AMAZON| Coming soon in print to Barnes & Noble

A little contest: the first three readers to post a link to an image of Huacachina, Peru in the Comments below will win a copy of Dancing in the Dark, the first in my Shadow Heroes series (yes, its location is imaginary). Don’t send a link to Google, go to the site Google links to and copy that URL.

About the author: Virginia Kelly’s books have been nominated for various awards, including the Holt Medallion, the Aspen Gold, the National Readers’ Choice and others. An RWA Golden Heart Finalist, she’s a native of Peru and lives in Florida with her family.

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