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Blind Trust

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I love writing romantic suspense and I’m thrilled to be writing in Elle James Brotherhood Protectors world. I’ve been reading Elle’s books since her first came out and we’ve been friends for years. It wasn’t long until Three C’s Ranch came into my imagination as my world within her world was born.

Three C’s Ranch, aka the Courage and Confidence Center for Women, is a place where women who have been attacked and abused go to learn skills to survive and thrive. Books set at the center are, Defensive Instructor; Montana Protector; Blind Trust; and A Triple C Ranch Christmas Wedding. The next book, Montana Delta Rescue, will be out Oct. 13th. With each new book, I tell another woman’s story of how she moves from surviving to thriving and finds a happy ever after with the love of her life.

Blind Trust

Blinded by a bad date, Cecelia lives and works on a ranch that helps victims of domestic abuse. All she wants is to stay on the ranch, a place where she can find her way around in her perpetual darkness. She has no intention of dating again, especially not Marine Force Recon veteran, Brian “Barbie” Ken, even if his voice is so sexy it makes her knees weak.

Assigned to protect the patrons and workers at the ranch, Brian is fascinated by everything about Cecelia and has made it his life’s mission to take her out on a date. She might be the biggest challenge of his life. Convincing her to leave the ranch will take more than smooth talking after an ill-fated date robbed her of her eyesight. It will take Blind Trust on her part to go out again.

When her cousin ends up in the hospital in San Diego, Cecelia is desperate to visit. Brian offers to drive her. Cecelia agrees to go, taking a leap of faith to leave her familiar surroundings. When a sex trafficker kidnaps Cecelia from the hospital, Brian crosses the border into Mexico to rescue her and bring her home.

Excerpt from Blind Trust:
The fire alarms are going off,” Sam said. “I can see one flashing. But I don’t see any smoke or fire. I’ll call the nurse.”

Someone entered the room and a man’s voice said, “No, don’t call. Everyone will be calling the nurses’ station. They’re busy. The nurses can’t be everywhere.”

His hand closed over Cecelia’s arm. “Come with me,” he said in a calm voice.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice rising in fear.

“I’m a doctor,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Sam said. “He’s a doctor. Go with him.”

“What about you?” Cecelia asked, looking toward Sam. She put her hand on the doctor’s arm. “We need to get her out of here!”

The man put pressure on her arm, urging her away, toward the door. “The orderly is coming with a gurney to get your friend, and he’ll take her out. Come with me. We have to take the stairs, and I’ll help you down them.” ….

….. He said, “I see an empty bench over there. Come on, I’ll get you seated, and then you’ll have to wait while I go help get the others out.”

She moved where he wanted her to, and then he let go of her and stepped away.

Cecelia turned her head right and then left, listening. The only thing she heard was traffic.
Where am I? Where did he go? And where was that bench he was talking about?

She reached out her hands and found only air.

Now what?

She needed her cane. And it was too quiet here. There were no people that she could hear. There was only traffic.

“Hello?” she called, not even knowing the doctor’s name.

In their hurry to get out of the building, she hadn’t thought to ask.

No one answered, but a vehicle pulled up near her. She reached out with her foot, trying to feel where the curb was, as the vehicle sounded close.

Someone stepped behind her. Suddenly, a man’s hand was on her mouth ……

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About the Author:

Author Debra Parmley believes "Every day we are alive is a beautiful day," and she likes to give her readers and her story people a story with a happy ending.

An Air Force veteran's wife, Debra is most known for writing military romantic suspense. She also writes contemporary romance, historical romance, dystopian romance, holiday romance, fairy tales, fantasy, and poetry. All of her stories contain some element of suspense.

Founder of Shimmy Mob Memphis, a chapter of Shimmy Mob international, an organization that raises funds for local domestic abuse shelters around the world, Debra is a retired belly dancer. Several of her books feature belly dancer heroines.

A world traveler, Debra often brings home folk tales and music from countries she has visited and has sold travel and set foot in over thirteen countries. She married her high sweetheart, whom she asked out after a five-dollar bet, and she and her husband, after living in five states with two sons, have lived for over 23 years just outside Memphis, TN.

Five of her favorite things are shooting primitive archery with her Mongolian horse bow, shooting long guns, shooting pool, walking on a sandy beach, and hearing from her readers. Each card and letter is a joyful treasure, like finding that perfect shell on the beach.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Saying good-bye with a 99¢ sale!

First, I want to thank Maureen for giving us the Just Romantic Suspense blog for all these years. I know it’s been a huge commitment of time and effort, but we are extremely grateful to her for introducing us to so many wonderful romantic suspense authors and their books. Maureen should be very proud of her awesome accomplishment!

Since this will be my last JRS post, I’m happy that I can say good-bye with a 99¢ sale. Forever Romance currently has FOUR of my romantic thrillers on sale for only 99¢ each, so you can read ALL of them for less than the cost of a latte.

If I’m new to you, here’s a brief introduction to my stories. My romantic thrillers are published by Forever Romance in two series. FBI Heat is more traditional with a team of sexy FBI agents solving high-risk cases. Rogue Security is edgier with unusual plots and shocking endings. Both series include plenty of R-rated, heartfelt romance. All my books are full-length, stand-alone novels. Enjoy the entire FBI Heat series for < $3 and the Rogue Security series for < $5. Happy reading!

RISKY REDEMPTION (Rogue Security #1)

When the trail leads Jake Stone into the carnal underbelly of L.A., the truth is more shocking than he could ever imagine.

HUNTED (FBI Heat #1)

Hot agents on explosive cases!
What's it like to be HUNTED?

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Ripped from the headlines…so close to reality…
Can an ex-SEAL and a kick-ass FBI agent stop the unthinkable?

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WANTED (FBI Heat #3)
Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense

When catastrophe threatens, will Kat and Dillon put the past behind them to save the day and get their second chance at love?

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Ten Year Anniversary

Congratulations to "Mary P.", the winner in Angi's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

It happened so fast, I almost forgot.  It’s my ten year publishing anniversary. My first book hit shelves in September 2010. What a ride! The picture above is the first time I saw my book for sale online. Now it’s twenty-one books later. I could wish it were more, but I’ve had a blast working, traveling, and meeting readers. Thank you for all the support while making my dream a reality. See you in cyber-space!!

Hang onto your hat for some love on the run!

Jack ~ Slate ~ Heath ~ Wade
Four Rangers fight for the ones they love.

Garrison ~ Jessie ~ Bryce ~ Josh
Rangers join forces to bring down a syndicate.

Cord ~ Pete ~ Nick ~ Mitch
Finding true love under the stars.

John ~ Brian
Identical twins. Very unique loves.

Steve ~ Erren ~ Levi ~ Jake
Four women with problems. Four men with solutions.

Hallie ~ Carrie ~ Brooke
Guarding clients is easy.
Staying one step ahead of their match-making Grammy…well that’s another story.
~ ~ ~

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USA Today Bestselling author ANGI MORGAN writes on-the-run suspense where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publishers Weekly best-seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book. 
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Giveaway on JRS ends at midnight September 15th.  One contestant entering the drawing by leaving a comment on Just Romantic Suspense will receive an autographed copy of their choice from Company B.

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Heather's Chase

Congratulations to "Elizabeth H.", the winner in Terry's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

When the Hubster and I decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary with a trip to the British Isles, of course I had “book” in the back of my mind. However, an international setting wouldn’t have worked with any of my existing series, and since I never plot in advance, I decided to enjoy our tour, taking pictures and notes of what we were seeing and doing and just wait and see what might bubble to the surface.

Our trip began in Northern Ireland with a visit to our daughter, who had pointed out that she moved there 12 years ago and we’d never visited. From there, we had a couple days in London where I got to meet one of my critique partners face to face for the first time. Given we’d been in our little group for about 15 years, that was another “it’s about time” moment.
From there, we visited Scotland, and then Ireland.

Things I’ve learned about setting a book in real places, especially distant ones.
Less is more. My first drafts went into phenomenal detail about absolutely everything. Airports. Train stations. Hotels. Food. All the places we stopped, what we saw on the drives. Given we were traveling for well over two weeks, that would have been a LONG book. A sense of place is good. Overwhelming readers is not. I had to keep reminding myself to make sure everything related to the plot and characters. I wasn’t writing a travelogue.

Stay true to time. Readers familiar with the area will know that you can’t get from A to B in two hours, or that when you’ve had your characters on their bus for five hours, it’s really a twenty-minute drive.

You’ll always miss something. Unless you’ve got your plot mapped out before your trip, once  you start writing, you’ll have a scene to write and—lo and behold—you missed taking a picture, or didn’t take the right notes. I spent a LOT of time on the internet rechecking facts, looking at maps, and refamiliarizing myself with some of the attractions we visited. If I couldn’t find exactly what I needed, I reminded myself I was writing fiction—another reason not to name real places. On the occasions where my characters were eating in real, named places, I made sure I had pictures and menus. Same for attractions.

Don’t make up real stuff. One of the reasons I made this book a stand alone was because our trip didn’t include visits to police departments (although I snapped a picture of a vehicle in Ireland, “just in case”). Also, it would be unrealistic for my American characters to have any access to law enforcement in several different countries.

Be nice. I also opted not to name the specific hotels or restaurants (mostly). For one thing, it gave me the freedom to change the d├ęcor, layout, amenities, or the restaurant menus. And, if something “bad” happened, I wasn’t going to incur the wrath of those establishments.
It's about flavor. Although my characters didn’t visit Northern Ireland, I did include a character from the same town we’d visited when we stayed with my daughter. I made sure she vetted all his dialogue. For example, people in Northern Ireland use the word “wee” as a meaningless adjective. I was asked for my wee credit card, given a wee receipt, offered a wee bag for my purchases. My British critique partner was very helpful with vocabulary as well.

All in all, I had a great time ‘revisiting’ my trip to the British Isles while I was writing the book, and being able to incorporate my experiences into Heather’s Chase.

The cover pictures were taken on my trip, as well as a whole lot more. Want to see them? Go to the book page on my website and scroll down to “Special Features” for links. You’ll find references to many of them in the book.

Here’s a short excerpt.

Ian unloaded Heather’s luggage, handed her off to a doorman who brought the bags inside. Heather took in the Art Deco design as she stepped across the gleaming marble lobby floor, with its black inlaid compass encircled by cream and rust diamond shapes. She made her way to the desk where a smiling receptionist welcomed her.
She accepted the key, listened to the receptionist’s summary of hotel amenities, including the bar, restaurant, and complimentary breakfast. “The bellman will deliver your luggage to your room,” the woman said.
Heather wasn’t tuned in to the British accents yet. To her American ear, everything the receptionist said sounded… elegant.
In her room—luggage already inside—a bowl of fruit sat on a small round table, a card welcoming her to the hotel. Nice. Melinda’s doing, or part of the tour package? Or had Gerry included the nicety when he’d been making his arrangements?
A pang of sadness blanketed her as she thought of Gerry, knowing he was dying, still making all these plans for her.

You can find Heather’s Chase at most digital outlets via this link.

Because of the pandemic, I’ve been doing a lot of on-line shopping. That means I’m getting boxes, and they need to be recycled. I’ll take one of those boxes and put some books in it—some new, some gently read. It’ll be a random selection from my shelves. US only, please.

Terry Odell took up writing when she ran out of space on her walls for needlepoint and needed another creative outlet. She began writing what she though was a mystery, until her daughters told her it was a romance. She discovered the romantic suspense genre and dove in, although she prefers to think of her books as “Mysteries With Relationships.”  She write the Mapleton Mysteries, Pine Hills Police, Triple-D Ranch, and Blackthorne, Inc. series. Check out her website for more. And, I’d love it if you’d sign up for my newsletter.

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Brothers In Blue

Congratulations to "Patricia B.", the winner in Margo's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize!

BROTHERS IN BLUE. My latest romantic suspense series features four heroes who met at the police academy to become lifelong friends. The Dropout, the Straight Arrow, the Movie Star and the Maverick. All share a passion to serve and protect, each in their own unique way.

The funny thing is, I never started out to write a series. In fact, what I started out to write was a romantic short story about a woman who is rehabilitating a family owned bed and breakfast and the handyman who arrives to help her. Little did I know that this ‘short’ story would evolve into a full-length romantic suspense. And that my hero would actually be a police officer turned bounty hunter working undercover to bring in his latest felon. The result was…

ON THE SURFACE — The Dropout’s story

He sought vengeance only to discover love.

Wrongly convicted ex-con and recent parolee Jenny Reynolds wants to forget her tarnished past and focus on a brighter future. One that begins with a return to the small tourist town where she grew up. The restoration of her family’s once proud Rest Easy Bed and Breakfast is the only thing on her mind. Fleeing an ex who refuses to let her go, what she doesn’t need to complicate her already problematic life is another man. Enter handsome handyman Brad, a man who seems to care as much about restoring the B and B as she does. A man who soon becomes ready, willing and able to steal her heart. A man, as it turns out, with more than a few secrets of his own. A dropout from law enforcement, the real Brad Collins will use anyone and anything to fulfill a personal vendetta. When two pasts collide and danger threatens, their budding love for each other may be the first casualty.

Another funny thing happened in the process of writing that book. Turned out a good friend of my bounty hunter hero was a straight arrow police officer who was so compelling, he had to have a book of his own. That result was…

ON THE FORCE  — The Straight Arrow’s story

Losing her job was nothing compared to the prospect of losing her life.

Top notch CFO Sydney Raines is devastated when her coveted job working for a high profile conglomerate is yanked out from under her. Determined to restore her mangled reputation, she finds her second chance when the owner of an upscale art gallery hires her as his personal assistant. Straight arrow cop Vince Miller is assigned to crack an international art theft ring. Working undercover, he never counted on meeting Sydney Raines, let alone falling in love with her. Then an unexpected twist in the case reveals the identity of a serial killer, along with the shattering realization that Sydney could be the psycho's next victim.

Making appearances here and there in those two books was Adam Hollingsworth aka Adam Pride. A police officer at heart, Adam takes a temporary assignment as advisor to the producer of a popular police drama on television, only to become a hero in his own right on the silver screen. Which soon became…

ON THE MAKEThe Movie Star’s story

Will a tragic past sabotage future dreams?

When it comes to husbands, Madison Clark's track record is the thing of nightmares. Twice widowed, she's given up on happily ever after. Still, with two young boys to raise, a stable family life is all she really desires. Cop turned movie idol, Adam Pride longs for a family of his own, not the irresistible woman and her two sons who are quickly working their way into his heart. But when Madison unknowingly lands in a desperate killer's cross-hairs, Adam puts his career—and life—on the line to save her. Can he protect her from a deadly threat and win her heart? Or will a shocking revelation destroy their fragile love?

ON THE MOVE – The Maverick’s story – Is yet to come. This character appears with his friends in the previous three books as the settled one. Engaged to be married…everything changes when his book begins.

To be honest, although I know a little bit about what happens in this one, I won’t know the whole story until it’s done. What I do know for sure is…

This disgraced cop will do anything to clear his name, short of murder.

While I’m doing that, you can do this Reader’s Choice Giveaway: I’m pleased to offer one commenter a format of choice, e-book or print copy, of a Brothers In Blue Book 1 ON THE SURFACE  Book 2 ON THE FORCE  or Book 3 ON THE MAKE (Print books available in the US only.)

Please visit me at these locations as well. Thanks for listening.

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Bio: Award winning author Margo Hoornstra writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense, always providing that happily ever after for her characters. A big city girl turned country woman, Margo enjoys hiking and walking around the wide-open spaces near her home, especially in the fall, hates to cook and loves to read.

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