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With: Olivia Knight

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It never stopped being her. It never will.                                                                   
She never thought she’d see him again. Not after what she’d done to them… Sarah Cosgrove wakes from labor and emergency surgery to find her soul mate staring down at her. It’s been six years since she’s seen the face of the only man she’s ever loved. Since she broke Logan’s heart. Logan Harper, a skilled killing machine and top ranking member of Fairlane Trade International, entered a hostage situation, expecting the task to be quick and easy. It becomes anything but when he finds Sarah—the woman who broke his heart six years ago—giving birth to another man’s baby. When she tells him her life is in danger from the powerful and abusive father of her child, Logan has no choice but to protect the woman he once loved and her newborn baby, but he vows to never love her again. As they trek through Europe to get to safety, the mystery of the last six years begins to unfold, sparks fly, and emotions rise to the surface. Can Logan keep the love of his life safe without letting her back in his heart? Can Sarah learn to trust a man again after being abused? Will soulmates reunite?

 “Sarah?” She blinked at him. A small smile formed on her lips. She looked tired, but happy. Her eyes seemed to hold a secret. Like there was something she had just learned that made everything all right. Logan watched as the light in her blue eyes grew dim, but the smile remained. 

“Sarah.” Logan put his hands on either side of her face. His fingers speared through her hair. 

“Take care…of her, Logan. Don’t let him find her. He can’t find her.” She pulled in a shallow breath. “Always loved you. Was always yours,” she whispered to him. She smiled a bit more, and then that was it. Her eyes closed gently. Her chest slowly fell. The heart monitor flat lined. 

Logan stared, unwilling to believe his eyes. Unwilling to believe his ears. He could hear the baby was still crying as they checked her over. Her lungs sounded healthy. He listened as the other doctors worked between Sarah’s legs, one pushing on her stomach. Sarah’s limp body moved from the pressure of the doctor’s hand. 

And then reality came crashing in at the same time a wave of heat spread over his body like fire. Sarah’s chest didn’t move. He watched another beat, not believing what he was seeing. 

No. Logan roared. His face never left hers as he roared to the fates. His whole body shook with anger and disbelief as he bellowed his denial. 

“Sarah! No! No! Help her!” he howled to the doctors. 

A middle-aged male nurse was suddenly next to him and tried to push Logan out of the way. 

“Sir!” The nurse had his hands on Logan’s arms. No one would be able to move him from her side without his approval.

 “Sir, you need to move so I can help her.”  The nurse spoke in heavily accented English. 

Numbly, Logan moved away from the one woman he had ever loved, from the one person who could bring him to his knees. He stumbled back as he watched the doctors and nurses work frantically to bring her back. Another nurse walked over to him and placed something in his arms. He gazed down. And he saw the most beautiful baby in the world. And just as Sarah was and had always been, so too, was Madeline. She was his.

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Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick!

“Seduction in Sierra Leone has a great combination of action and romance. This book is well written and fast paced. There is enough hot sex to keep you reading and cheering on the couple. I recommend this book to all suspense and military romance readers. I’m looking forward to next book.”

Nerd Girl Official  

We are taken on a wild ride and I loved every minute of it. It is very well written and the characters are great. I look forward to reading more from this author.


Great storyline with action and steamy romance. There has obviously been great thought put into the characters. Olivia has a great writing style that pulls you in immediately and grips you, hard.

Ravens Reviews

The characters are so well developed in this story. They have an incredible depth and chemistry that makes them so compelling. Right from page one, you can feel for them and want them to succeed. I can’t recommend this book enough. If you are a fan of romantic suspense, you won’t want to pass this one by. So exceptionally well written.
About the Author:

Olivia Night, a fictional character herself, has always been an avid reader and writer. She found the romance genre in college and has never been able to get enough. One sleepless night, the main characters of Book One in her Men of FTI series sprang from her head fully formed. They demanded she tell their story; so she did. As they revealed themselves, so did two other intriguing characters. Those characters convinced her to give them their own books because their stories were worth telling too. And so Olivia suddenly became a romance author. When Olivia is not writing, she has the best job in the world, which, too, will remain a secret. In her free time, she reads, write, drinks wine, or is, most likely, out emulating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Olivia lives in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the U.S.—Baltimore. She lives with her cat, who she is convinced was a gladiator in his past life. Olivia plans to continue being awesome at this thing called life. Really, that’s her only goal.

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The Girl Gets Around

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I like writing heroines who travel a lot and pick up skills from every place and culture they visit. Many of my heroines get to have nifty hobbies based on whatever has grabbed my interest at the moment, especially if I’ve tried out a new hobby myself. For example, both my hero and heroine in Fatal Truth, the first book in the Shadow Force International series, are into yoga because I’m a yoga nut and recently went through teacher training. Author by day, yoga teacher by night—that’s me.

In my latest Shadow Force International release, Fatal Courage, my heroine is a spy who’s also a phenomenal belly dancer. She seduces the hero, a Navy SEAL, in Morocco with nothing more than her hips. A handy skill to have, don’t you think? Hips don’t lie, according to Shakira. :)

The whole basis of the story bloomed from my own experience learning to belly dance. I learned to shimmy and throw my hips out of place by a fellow yogi trainee who’s an awesome a belly dancer. I might not have the moves like she does, but I love the music, the tempo, and—let’s be honest—the costumes rock. I decided during my first lesson that Ruby had to be a belly dancer, which led to Morocco, which led to a night of passion with the hero. Sometimes, that’s how books plot themselves for me.

As a fan of in-depth research, I believe my own experiences add depth to my characters. Plus, this type of hands-on “fieldwork” is just plain fun, and although, I don’t get to blow up cars or go on night raids like many of my military heroes, darn it, I can (and do) enjoy less violent research. LOL.

Okay, readers, what do you think? Does an author’s own experiences give a story a behind-the-scenes edge? Do you like learning about different hobbies, careers, and cultures through romance stories?

Leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing for a copy of Fatal Truth, the book that started it all in the Shadow Force International series. And check out my belly dancing heroine, Ruby, in Fatal Courage, out this week!

Fatal Courage, Shadow Force International, Book 3

He ruined her career…

In twenty-one missions, CIA golden girl Ruby McKellen has failed only once. Thanks to Navy SEAL Jaxon Sloan, the man who stole her heart and forced her to choose between him and her partner Elliot, she’s on probation and Elliot is in prison for national security crimes. To prove Elliot’s innocence and save her damaged career, Ruby is running an unsanctioned mission—but the only way to get the proof she needs is to go to Jax with her tail between her legs.

She wrecked his heart…

Jaxon left the Navy after the mission with Ruby in Morocco went south, but that one hot, unbelievable night with her will haunt him forever. Working for Shadow Force International now, his new assignment has brought him full circle—the CIA operative Jax’s testimony sent to prison has escaped and Jax has been ordered to hunt him down. Just like in Morocco, the one thing standing in his way is Ruby.

A second chance at love could prove fatal…

When Ruby’s life is threatened and Jax stumbles on information that might prove Elliot is innocent, guilt over putting the man in prison compels him to join her unsanctioned mission. What really happened that night six months ago? Is Elliot an honorable spy or a mastermind at manipulation? Ruby is the only one who can help Jax navigate the world of undercover lies and betrayal to find the truth. 

In a battle of wills—and of hearts—Jax and Ruby must have the courage to face the truth about themselves, their past, and what it really means to betray someone you love.

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For love or glory? The choice Sherry makes may cost her life.

When reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong wakes up in bed with ballet bad-boy Alexi Davydenko, she knows she’s crossed the line. But the dancer with the body of Apollo and the soul-piercing stare wasn’t talking, so what choice did she have? Playing his little drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every answer – seemed like the perfect way to loosen his lips. She gets her story, he gets his fun, win-win.

But his answers only lead to more questions. And Alexi wants more than fun.
Investigating into the ballet company’s shadowy secrets, Sherry learns that the beauty on stage masks ugly dealings, some of which seem to bear Alexi’s signature. But the more truths she exposes, the more lies she is forced to tell herself.

That digging up dirt on a company with ties to the Russian mob isn’t dangerous. That licking every inch of Alexi’s naked body while hunting down evidence of his guilt isn’t a conflict of interest. That with each touch, each kiss, she isn’t falling deeper in love with the very man who could destroy her.

Sitting in the small bathtub in Alexi’s apartment, cradling a cold glass of vodka in her hands, Sherry finally stopped shivering.

The first thing he had done when they got there was text Minibar to bring over a flask of vodka. The second was to draw her a bath. He carefully removed her bloody, torn dress while she stood, telling him she was fine, shivering, with tears rolling down her face.

“Yes, of course you are. You are a strong woman,” he assured her, all the while tending to her like she was a child, wiping the tears and smeared makeup from her face and the sticky dried blood from her body.

She could hear him now, pacing in the kitchen and talking on the phone in Russian. His voice was angry, but controlled. Cold, like the liquid in her glass. Like the chill in her heart, under the red raised welt of the X the Russian thug had carved into her.

Was she a strong woman, she wondered? She had always thought so. Never had a problem standing up for herself, except when it came to her family. That was more complicated. But when it came down to the wire, she had, telling her parents that she was giving up a promising future in medicine for the inglorious field of journalism. She had been strong.

But this was different. No one had ever held a knife tip to her heart and looked at her like nothing would give him more pleasure than to plunge it in. No one had ever threatened her life.

Then there was Alexi.

As if he had read her mind, there he was, opening the bathroom door.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

She nodded, but her hand strayed to the X on her chest.

“Ah, yes. This. You will keep this, I’m afraid.” He sat on the closed lid of the toilet and reached down to touch the flesh around her wound, his expression grave. “The salt has done its work.”

“I’m a marked woman.” She gave him a grim smile.

“Tell me what happened. Who did this to you?” His eyes were coldly neutral, but the muscle clenched in his jaw.

She took a deep breath, feeling like she was about to jump off a cliff. “They were Russian.” She watched his face for a reaction. Nothing changed. “I … Sergei and I had a conversation this morning, after you left. I said some things that he didn’t like. He threatened me. Then those thugs attacked me at the benefit. Who knew I was going to be there, Alexi? You. Sergei. A friend of mine from the paper. That’s it.”

Alexi stood up with a suddenness and violence that made her shrink back in fear.

“No. This is impossible. I cannot believe that he would allow someone to do this to you.” He circled the X on her breast. “Unless he thought he was protecting me. Why would he want to protect me from you, Sherry?” His eyes searched hers. She had to look away.

About Hazel:
Hazel Hughes is a contemporary romance writer and urban nomad. Born in London, Hazel has lived all over the globe, from the wilds of Northern Ontario and the cornfields of Iowa to the concrete jungles of Seoul and Abu Dhabi. Currently, she is living in Western New York, writing from wherever there is strong coffee and funky beats. When she’s not laying down steamy scenes on the page, you can find her whipping up hot and spicy concoctions in the kitchen or dancing to the beat of her own drummer.

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The Faces of Evil Series Continues

With: Debra Webb

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The Faces of Evil Series Continues in a Chilling New Spin-Off Series from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb

The Faces of Evil is one of my favorite series. I’ve written more than 130 books and somehow Jess Harris Burnett and her major crimes team just stole my heart. Even after the series was finished it seemed, I simply couldn’t put those characters behind me. I wanted more Jess and Dan!!!

So I teamed up with Harlequin Intrigue to put a new spin on the Faces of Evil. I hope you’ll grab a copy of ENVY, the prequel for the new Faces of Evil. It’s a short story and free at most ebook sellers! ENVY bridges the move from the old Faces of Evil to the new for readers who’ve followed Jess’s journey from the beginning. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t read the others you’ll love Jess and the team beginning with DARK WHISPERS. Each one will be a standalone novel you can find wherever books and ebooks are sold. DARK WHISPERS gives Lieutenant Clint Hayes his own story. Clint is as handsome as sin and a damned good cop who now works with Jess at her private investigations firm.

Clint is charged with solving the strange happenings in Natalie Drummond’s life, starting with a missing body! Natalie has suffered a traumatic brain injury and her life is just settling back down. She needs help desperately. Clint is just the man for the job. She needs his steady hand and his keen insight. What she finds is the love she has always yearned for. I’m certain you’ll enjoy the journey with these two characters. I surely loved writing their story.

Be on the lookout for STILL WATERS, the next book in the Faces of Evil series, coming in October!

To win a digital copy of ENVY and DARK WHISPERS, respond to this question in the comments section below: I’d love to hear how you overcame an injury or loss while you’re visiting JRS today!

Thank you and happy reading!
Debra Webb

About the author: DEBRA WEBB is the USA Today bestselling author of more than 100 novels, including reader favorites the Faces of Evil and the Colby Agency series. She is the recipient of the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense as well as numerous Reviewers Choice Awards.

In 2012 Debra was honored as the first recipient of the esteemed L. A. Banks Warrior Woman Award for her courage, strength, and grace in the face of adversity. Recently Debra was awarded the distinguished Centennial Award for having achieved publication of her 100th novel. With this award Debra joined the ranks of a handful of authors like Nora Roberts and Carole Mortimer.

With more than four million books in print in numerous languages and countries, Debra’s love of storytelling goes back to her childhood when her mother bought her an old typewriter in a tag sale. Born in in Alabama, Debra grew up on a farm. She spent every available hour exploring the world around her and creating her stories. She wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen.

It wasn’t until she spent three years working for the Commanding General of the US Army in Berlin behind the Iron Curtain and a five-year stint in NASA’s Shuttle Program that she realized her true calling. A collision course between suspense and romance was set. Since then she has expanded her work into some of the darkest places the human psyche dares to go. 

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About Dark Whispers: Former homicide detective Clint Hayes has his first client as a private investigator: a fragile beauty he isn't sure he can trust. An injury has left Natalie Drummond with gaps in her memory, and she sees and hears things that aren't there. But she's sure she shot an intruder in her Birmingham mansion. So where's the body, the gun, the evidence? When it's clear someone is trying to kill his vulnerable client, Clint appoints himself her protector, working overtime not to fall for her. But someone is dead set that Natalie never regains her memories—or makes new ones with Clint.

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By: Angi Morgan

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I admit that there are a couple of things in life that have always scared me: being surrounded by water and nothing under my feet. You might interpret that as drowning and a fear of heights. I’m actually okay with a solid surface under my feet, I honestly don’t like my feet dangling while I look down. I mean, I don’t like it to the point of hyperventilating. And water? I love to be on a boat, love to float, and I could swim if my life depended on it. But putting my face underwater…stand back because that brings on a full-fledge panic attack.

Which dovetails into my adult phobias: claustrophobia (it’s worsened as I’ve gotten older) and the fear of my children being kidnapped. So you can see why being submerged in water is sort of claustrophobic…right? I’ve narrowed it down to something about the hearing. I can’t wear earplugs for the same reason. Then there’s kidnapping. It’s definitely lessoned because all of my children are adults, but I remember the middle-of-the-night fear. I was approached more than once in malls and parking lots about selling my kids (they were truly beautiful). After that, I began having nightmares about them being kidnapped. Blood-curtailing scream nightmares.

Okay, I info-dumped on you. But it was necessary to talk about why writing about child abduction is so hard for me. I tackled my height fear in my second book .38 CALIBER COVER-UP. Definitely easy compared to trying to put a child at risk. And my editors want more kidnappings. Each time I go back to that fear, trying to put it into words. My hero and heroine are always a lot calmer than I imagine I would be. If I hear someone frantically calling out for their child in a store or on a playground, my heart drops. I stop breathing. My eyes tear while waiting for the all-clear.

In HARD CORE LAW I push the limits a little farther. I needed to involve the twins’ caregiver (Tracey doesn’t like the term nanny  ). Speaking with one of my colleagues, Lena Diaz, she suggested I give one of the children diabetes. That put a ticking clock into the story because Jackson needs insulin after 36 to 48 hours. A big thanks to Lena, who also read the book and verified that all references to Diabetes are correct. The reactions Jackson has in the book are some she’s experienced firsthand. 

I really hope you enjoy not only HARD CORE LAW, but all the Elite Troop series.


The twins were all Josh Parker had in this world. So when they were kidnapped, he couldn't rely on his Texas Rangers star to get them back safely. Or involve Tracey Cassidy, the only person he trusted to care for his children. A family of criminals was asking him to break the law if he ever wanted to see his children again. But when Tracey caught wind of his plan, she knew no matter how big Josh's heart was, he had a future with his twins to look forward to. They needed their father. And this was one burden he wouldn't have to shoulder alone.

Catch photos from the other TEXAS RANGER: ELITE TROOP series on A Picture a Day

HARD CORE LAW is available in stores and online: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Google

~ ~ ~
ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publisher’s Weekly best seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.
Twitter @AngiMorganAuthr      
~ ~ ~
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Josh is afraid of losing those close to him…

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