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Wicked Sinner

Hi, Everyone,

Have you all been suffering the same heatwave as we have in the UK for over a month now? It’s really unusual for us to have this continuous sunshine for so long. I’m off on holiday to North Wales in a couple of weeks, with all the family, so I just know it’s going to rain then! No, I’m really not a pessimist, I just know the Welsh weather is as unpredictable as it is here on the Isle of Man, where I live.

But the good news is today is publication day of Wicked Sinner (Regency Sinners 7), the seventh book in this all #1 Bestselling historical romantic suspense series. This is the book that will answer the mystery of the series, as to who is the traitor to the Crown, plus featuring my usual really hot love story.

The last book in the series, Wicked Christmas (Regency Sinners 8) is now available for pre-order, with a publishing date of October 12th. This will also be my 240th published book.

I will be starting a new contemporary romantic suspense series, Steele Protectors, very soon. But I’ll tell you more about that nearer the time.

Speak to you again soon!

Carole xx

Buy link for Wicked Sinner (Regency Sinners 7)
Also Available at B&N, Kobo, ibooks and Smashwords

About Carole:
Carole is the USA Today Bestselling Author of 240 novels in contemporary, Regency, and paranormal romance. In May 2017 she received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times. In 2015 she was Recipient of the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014 she received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times. In 2012 she was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for 'outstanding service to literature'. She is happily married to Peter, has six sons, and lives on the beautiful Isle of Man.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Accent On Romance Giveaway


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Monday, July 16, 2018


When asked about our stories, I’ve noticed that many romantic suspense authors—myself included—focus on the suspense part of the novel when describing them.  Understandable, since action, adventure and intrigue does indeed edge us to the front of our seats and sends our pulse racing. However, a heated, flourishing relationship between a woman and a man does even more.

Over the course of reading a romance we come to know two people better than we know our closest friends. We know the characters’ strengths and weaknesses. We know their every thought. They become our dear friends. We feel their pain and their love for each other. Their love affair warms our hearts and makes relive a time when we first fell in love with our heroes. We want to believe our own love is as strong and will live through eternity, like theirs.

When most young girls of sixteen were getting their first real taste of independence by learning to drive, getting a job, dreaming of college, and of that special someone who’d take them to homecoming and proms, Nicole Carson, my heroine in Seized By Darkness, was surviving.  She was kidnapped and forced to become the mistress of mafia lord who plucked her from his human trafficking ring. Seized By Darkness is a powerful, emotional story about a woman finding her strength, gaining her life back and in the process finding love.

As you can see, I began by sharing with you part of the suspense plot of Seized By Darkness.  I needed to because it is this life changing event which eventually leads Nicole to cross paths with my hero, U.S. Marshal Will Haus.  If she had never been kidnapped and had never escaped, she would’ve never have met Will and perhaps they would never know the true meaning of love.

Nicole is the perfect woman for Will. Her ordeal has made her strong enough to stand by him, yet in many ways she has strangely been untouched by her nightmare and is both naïve and sweet. Nicole helps Will forget the dreadful world he has to deal with in his profession.

And Will is the prefect man for Nicole because he sees the true worth of a person and has a good, caring heart. He also is ferociously loyal and loves just as intensely.

Falling in love wasn’t easy for either of them because they each had issues they had to overcome. They helped each other do just that.  To borrow a famed thought from the film ‘Jerry McGuire’, they completed each other.

Next time someone asks me about Seized By Darkness, I’m going to tell them Seized By Darkness is a beautiful love story about two people who came together because of a horrid incident and they fall deeply and forever in love.

Excerpt of SEIZED BY DARKNESS (Chp 14): (This is copyrighted material and may not be copied or used in any format without the express permission of the author, Autumn Jordon.)  

The old air conditioner, which did little more than act as a fan pushing warm air into the room, rattled in the window, pulling Nicole from a fretful sleep. Under her long hair, sweat beaded the nape of her neck. She stretched and peeled away from the damp sheet under her. Through heavy lashes, she noticed a boot tapping the air at the base of the single-sized bed and her heart shot into her throat. Clutching the sheet to her bare breasts, she rolled and scrambled to the opposite side of the bed, only to be pinned, faced-down onto the mattress by the intruder.
“Let me go.” She thrashed and kicked back, striking air. Her breasts squished into the mattress springs. She ignored the pain, reached behind her, and grabbed fists filled with the assailant’s long hair. With all her might, she yanked hard.
She winced, her ear ringing with the attacker’s cry.
He dropped his weight from his elbows, forcing the air from her lungs. His fingers locked around her wrists and tried breaking her hold on him. “Damn, Katrina. Stop pulling. You’re ripping my hair out.”
Every muscle of her body went stark still, except for her eyes-they widened. “Will?” Over her shoulder, she peeked through her auburn strands and caught a glimpse of Will’s cheek plastered against her bare shoulder.
“Yeah. It’s me. Christ. Now let go.” His hot breath caressed her sensitive skin, sending tingles down her spine.
Nicole became aware of the softness of his hair between her fingers, his musty scent bombarding her nostrils on the cusp of each sharp breath she inhaled, and every inch of his hard body pressing against her backside. Warmth pooled between her legs and she closed her eyes against her body’s reaction to him. “You first.”
He let go of her wrists.
Nicole slid her arms close to her body and pushed against the mattress, trying to topple his weight from her, so she could roll over, but he kept her pinned in place.
The discounted, thin sheets she’d bought at the local Dollar-Mart and his clothing were the only barrier between his hot flesh meeting hers. The knowledge caused the room to grow warmer. “I let go. Now get off of me.” She bucked against him. A mistake. She laid still.
“Not until you tell me what you were reaching for?”
“What?” She glanced at him and then scanned the nightstand next to the bed. “Nothing. I don’t have a gun if that is what you’re thinking. I was just trying to get away.”
“Not until you promise me you won’t try to run.” Will arched up and bore his weight on his elbows. His strong thighs held her legs in place while his hard ridge pressed against her backside.
She fisted the sheet below her, trapped her lip between her teeth, and wrestled with the fire mounting low in her belly. Not to go dizzy with want, Nicole remained still. “I’ll scream if you don’t. My landlord has great hearing, and, he has a huge shot gun.”
“You don’t want to do that.”
She struggled to push up on her elbows again. “Why not?”
“I’ll have no choice but to flash my badge and haul your ass out of here, sheet optional.”

Seized By Darkness is on sale at Amazon for $2.99. Grab a copy today and enjoy the first story in this exciting series!

About Autumn:
Award-winning author Autumn Jordon is published in both romantic suspense and romantic comedy contemporary. Her first release ‘His Witness To Evil’ was a 2009 Golden Heart® finalist and also won the 2010 Golden Leaf for ‘Best First Book’.  Seized by Darkness was voted a finalist by Kindle Book Reviewers as a‘Best Indie Romance.’ Taking events from life, twisting them and adding strong heroines and delicious heroes is the recipe she uses for her award-winning novels. To learn more about Autumn Jordon go to  and join her newsletter, or join her on Facebook or Twitter as @ajordon.


Saturday, July 14, 2018


There’s a bullseye on your back…Run!
Entering the Seattle Justice Center to fight a traffic ticket inspired the idea to utilize the well-guarded interior for the opening scene of The Hitman’s Mistake. The place reverberated with bad juju during the day and it had to be creepy after hours. What brought that conclusion? I used to work in sales and stayed late one night in our single-story office/warehouse building to load samples for the following day. A weird feeling told me to return to my desk, where I spotted a guy in the shrubbery outside my office window. He’d left before the police cruiser arrived, but I’ve never forgotten the sensation. Moral of the story—trust those instincts. And, I got the traffic ticket deferred and a great opening setting! If you’d like to see the settings I envisioned for the story, visit my Pinterest page.


After Miranda Whitley stops crooked cops from assassinating a prominent Seattle judge, she’s next on the hit list, and her survival depends on the buff FBI Agent she’s had one awkward encounter with. But can she find him in time?

The last person Grant Morley expects to discover on his annual supply run to a Montana mountain hermit is alluring Miranda Whitley, nearly dead from a bullet wound in her side. An accidental witness or the cold-blooded accomplice to would-be assassins?

Miranda must convince Grant of her innocence, evade the killers intent on preventing her testimony, and fight her unwanted attraction for the agent…an attraction which seems to be mutual. Fortunately, love thrives in Emma Springs. If you love sizzling chemistry, Montana’s mountain landscape, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Sally Brandle’s galloping thriller, The Hitman’s Mistake.

Setting: Our heroine’s pruning indoor plants in the lobby of Seattle’s Justice Building after hours.
Soft taps came from a few feet behind her. She tilted her head.
Footsteps? From the stairwell? Miranda released her grip, and the tree limb sprang free. She swung her head and watched the branch skim the fly of the trousers on the man now towering over her right shoulder.
Not Ike. She froze.
“What in the hell? Oh, didn’t see you there—” he sidestepped, and her cup scrunched in protest under his big boot. The lid popped off and the double shot of Kona glugged into a mocha-scented pool.
He jumped to avoid the puddle. “Damn energy conservation put you in the shadows. Sorry, I nailed your coffee.” His swinging backpack missed her nose by inches.
She twisted her body and scooted her butt until her shoulder jammed against a carved pot.
“I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
“It’s okay,” she mumbled, keeping her head lowered to avoid further contact with the bag-wielding klutz wearing black trousers. Must’ve been him she’d glimpsed a few minutes ago, while the elevator doors had closed on the floor below Ike’s.
“I’ve never been attacked by a branch. Must say, you deployed it well,” the deep voice announced. He stopped directly in front of her.
His hiking boots made her size-nine high-tops appear dainty.
Not the shoes of a snobby lawyer or a lost, post-trial pimp trying to find his way out of the building. Still, the flailing branch served him right for sneaking up on her. “I didn’t hear you.”
“And I shouldn’t text and walk,” he said in a lighter, almost sexy tone. “I’m Grant.” He dropped his pack and stuck out his hand.
An FBI tag printed ‘GRANT MORLEY’ hung from the bag.
She peered from under her cap’s brim and gulped.

Agent of Interest. Her heart took off at a gallop.

Short bio:
Multiple award-winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense stories, encouraging women to trust their inner gifts. She left a career as an industrial baking instructor so that she could bring to life her stories of courageous women supporting one another while they discover men who deserve their love. A member of Romance Writers of America, Greater Seattle RWA, Eastside RWA, and She Writes, Sally’s current series, Love Thrives in Emma Springs, is set in rural Montana. Connect with Sally at

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Falcon's Prey

Congratulations to "Joyce M.", the winner in Terry's giveaway. Please contact JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE to claim your prize. Thank you to all who participated!

When writing a romantic suspense, one of the first considerations is choosing the right hero and heroine. For most of my books, the two have been thrust together as strangers, often with reluctance on the part of one—or both—of them. The hero and heroine in Falcon’s Prey, my 8th Blackthorne, Inc. book, surprised me (which isn’t really that unusual, but I hadn’t expected this one).

It turned out that Lexi Becker and Marv Frisch—“Fish” to his Blackthorne colleagues—had known each other in the past, as partners on the police force. Not as lovers—she was married. Circumstances led them on different paths, but they’d stayed in touch. Her husband had been killed, and she’d moved to a new state, a new job, but still a police officer. Fish’s job change led him to becoming a covert operative for Blackthorne. When Lexi thought her life was in danger, she turned to Blackthorne, Inc. for help, and Fish was assigned as her protector.

Some of the challenges of writing characters who have a history, is that they understand each other. They speak the same language. They share experiences. Since I write in Deep Point of View, I’m not on the page to explain things to the reader—things both characters know, so they wouldn’t explain them to each other. (Something often referred to as “Maid/Butler” speech, or “As you know, Bob”.) They both know cop terminology, so they use shortcuts and abbreviations. A lot of the ‘fun’ of the characters discovering each other doesn’t hit the page, because they already know their likes and dislikes, their quirks and gestures. There’s not a true “first meet” scene, although I managed to throw a surprise Fish’s way.

Inside, Dalton, Manny, and Adam sat at a gleaming wood conference table. A pod coffeemaker, bottled water, as well as a fruit platter and assorted pastries sat on a credenza against the wall. A glass jar of wrapped butterscotch candies rested on the table, near Dalton’s place at the head. A woman, her head lowered, her face hidden behind a waterfall of blonde waves, sat at Dalton’s right. File folders, pads of paper, and pens had been set at five places, four already claimed, so Fish assumed he was the last to arrive. He checked the time. He was six minutes early.

“Welcome, Mr. Frisch,” Dalton said. “Help yourself to coffee and a snack. We’re about to start.”

The woman looked up from her papers, her green eyes shining like emeralds.

Fish stopped. Grabbed the back of the nearest chair. “Lexi?”

She smiled. “Good to see you, Marv.” When they’d first become partners, she’d refused to call him Frisch as was custom. Later, she’d admitted calling him Marv had started as a way to bug him. He’d been saddled with his great-grandfather Marvin’s name, part of the traditions of his heritage, a tradition he’d be happier without. After he and Lexi had been partnered for a while, he’d found he rather liked hearing her say it.

The others didn’t seem surprised that Lexi knew him, so he rounded the table and pulled her up from her chair into a hug. “Good to see you, too.”

But that’s what writing is all about. Dealing with challenges, coming up with new ways to show readers what’s going on.

More about Falcon’s Prey

Heroes aren’t fearless. They just don’t let fear get in the way.

Her life is in danger…

Police officer Lexi Becker is being targeted. When her husband was murdered three years ago, Lexi moved to a small town to get away from the memories, to get away from the pain. But she can’t get away from the gut feeling that a drug lord, known only as the Falcon, was responsible for her husband’s death. As she quietly conducts her own investigation, it becomes clear to Lexi she could be the Falcon’s next victim. Afraid her local police department has been infiltrated by the Falcon, she turns to the only man she can trust for help: her former patrol partner.

But so is her heart.

When ex-cop Marv “Fish” Frisch is assigned bodyguard duty instead of a covert ops assignment, he fears he’s being punished for a failed training mission. The last assignment he expected was Lexi Becker. Now he’s forced to deal with the attraction he felt when they worked together. As they go into hiding, Fish can’t keep his feelings hidden from Lexi. It seems she feels the same, but danger is everywhere. Someone’s bugged her house. An illegal opioid network. People dying. And an even more sinister plan is being put into action…

Torn between hiding or coming to the aid of an orphaned child, Lexi leaves Fish’s protection. Now she’s on her own, a prime target for the Falcon…unless she can outsmart him.
Will Lexi survive long enough to tell Fish how she feels?

You can read the entire first chapter, an excerpt, and find a scene that never made it into the book here.

You can buy Falcon’s Prey at most digital stores here.

Book 1 in the series, When Danger Calls, is free at most digital bookstores.

I’ll give one lucky commenter a copy of my HOLT Medallion award-winning Where Danger Hides, book 2 in the series. Print or digital, winner’s choice (US only for print.)

Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST July 13th. Due to GDPR regulations you no longer need to submit your email address in the comments. If you have been selected as a winner your name will be posted at the top of the post. You may then contact to claim your prize. Your email address will be shared with the author/publicist providing the giveaway. 

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